Games Meet Metal: The First Great Game Pick-ups of 2011

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The First Great Game Pick-ups of 2011

By Nathan Werp, aka Riff, editor-in-chief

So did you watch the VGA's last week? Yeah, pretty tortuous, huh? It just sees that no matter how much the industry wants an awards show (either metal or video games, in this case), the result is just an eyesore to watch all the way through. The skits were horrible, the production was lousy, and the awards themselves were treated with as equal of dignity as my cat's hairballs. Of course, the only reason we bothered to watch the show in the first place were the great game reveals for the next holiday season.

Now, I'm all ready for Uncharted 3, Mass Effect 3, and Elder Scrolls 5, but that's still some major time away. Not to mention that a few of the games mentioned are inevitably gonna get delayed. The biggest deal for me is that so much hype is going into the next holiday, that everyone's forgotten that there's a crapton of great games being released in the next three months. So, to serve as both a reminder and a shopping list, here's my five picks for the good stuff of early 2011. Vids included!

After fending off constant requests from buddies, I finally caved and gave the first Dead Space a play through. Lo and behold, it was a real solid game. A true Resident Evil in space, even if the scares got a little predictable by the half way point. Now I'm all hyped up to plat the sequel, which has it's own city and new cast of ghoulies. It'll also mark the day I purchase the Move, as the PS3 version has the series's prequel Extraction, and on-rails shooter. Oerfect for the Move and my trigger finger.

There's just something about Capcom's world-clashing junk beat-em-ups that will forever have a lasting appeal. I think that appeal is linked directly to the lack of coordination needed to play any MvC game. It's the ultimate button smasher game. But as soon as you learn your timing just a bit, then you can be unstoppable. Oh, and Viewtful Joe is character!

Speaking of ass kicking.....

Mortal Kombat is going old school! I actually didn't mind the 3-d fields of the last few games, but those do-it-yourself fatalities just took the fun right out of winning a match. Now we have the 2-d plain and old fatalities back. Oh, and the PS3 version will have Kratos as a kombatant!!
Say, what's with the PS3 getting all this exclusive stuff anyways?

And into everyone's life, a little RPG must fall. Kinda wish that Dragon Age 2 was popping up a lot sooner, as the horrible taste of Final Fantasy XIII is still lingering in my mouth. Maybe i should pick up Dragon Quest IX, just to tide me over.

That was possibly the cutest trailer ever shown on GMM. I loved the first Okami, even if it's core gameplay screamed "Zelda clone". Even then, it was a very good Zelda clone, and a hand-held sequel is very much welcome. I only worry about my horrible handwriting when it comes to using the celestial handbrush.

Some other possible pick-ups:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution: The only real thing holding me back from picking this up is my own unfamiliarity with the series. I hear the first one was legendary, but not so for the second.

Crysis 2: Ditto Deus Ex, but I need some first person shooter love and Crysis 2 is looking great for a serious shooter....

Bulletstorm: ....while this one is bringing the sense of humor. The more I see of Bulletstorm, the more I'm liking it.

Portal 2: This probably should of gone up top, but I'm waiting to see if the co-op play would be worth it.

The 3rd Birthday: A pseudo sequel to the Parasite Eve series on the PS1. I'm curious to see how the gameplay has changed from the first game's RPG roots and the second game's Resident Evil controls.

Infamous 2: Let's just hope the studio finally settles on a character design first before shipping the silly thing.

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