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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Keep your eyes on The Schoenberg Automaton

Here's a well kept secret from Australia's metal underground: The Schoenberg Automation. Not only do these guys get mad props for referencing one of LCTR's favorite 20th century composers, but they offer up some of the most relevant technical metal I've heard this year.

I became internet buddies with these dudes over the past year, so when they completed their three song demo they were cool enough to hook me up. The Schoenberg Automaton immediately bring to mind "Catch 33" era Meshuggah, and Car_Bomb, but round out their sound with a lot of legit death metal riffery. The vocals match the stop-start syncopation and abrasive nature of the band with ease.

I've only heard the three song demo, but the production and material are strong enough to place these guys amongst Australia's best. Definitely a band to keep your eyes peeled for!

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