Games Meet Metal: Sony Ericsson to release a PlayStation Cell Phone!?!

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Sony Ericsson to release a PlayStation Cell Phone!?!

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Kotaku has a couple videos of a dude playing with, what may be, a PlayStation Phone prototype. Upon reading the article (and other articles about the device) it looks like they will be basing the phone off of the Android 3.0 platform. The phone would have the ability to download games (I would assume past PSP titles) and possible connect to the PlayStation network. I guess the idea is that this device would primarily be a portable gaming console first, and a smart phone second.

I'm not one for either market; I've never owned a portable gaming system in my life and my phone is pretty basic. I don't find the need to be connected to everything wherever I go and I can't play games while hunched over a tiny screen. So Technofiles, is this device something that you're interested in?

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