Games Meet Metal: A Tour For The Sick: The Riff Live Review

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Friday, December 10, 2010

A Tour For The Sick: The Riff Live Review

Saturday, December 4th @ the I-Rock

Well. it's the last show of the year for me and the Michigan crew, and it's surprisingly low key. Not that the bigger venue down the road was hosting a Trapt show and everyone with a pulse decided to go there instead of the superior show here at the stuck-in-the-80's I-Rock. Oh well, some people just have no taste. 

Okay, on to the photo dump!

Okay, first things first. Conducting From the Grave, COOL IT WITH THE FAKE FOG!!! I swear, I inhaled so much of that stuff I started seeing dead relatives. And a giant lollipop that spoke Spanish. Mind-altering hallucinogens aside, CFTG are a solid band that could grow into a much bigger presence, given they tour their asses off. And since I know already that they're coming back in February, they have the touring part of the equation down pretty good.

Powerglove was insanely fun and funny as always. They know they're a bit of a joke, but they're willing to run with it full steam. Goofy armor, goofier flags, and playing the theme to Pokemon. You know. I really hope they start writing their own original tunes. Hearing Metal Kombat and Mario Minor is great, but making a living while writing a ton of royalty checks to other musicians can't be good for the electricity bill.

Arsis! Every time these guys come to town, either they end up cancelling or I end up missing the show. At least I am finally greeted with a headlining set. Old and new songs were featured, including my faves We Are The Nightmare and Forced To Rock. All in all, a fun night to close out the concert year. Good thing too, since January's looking pretty damn empty right now.

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