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Monday, January 31, 2011

8-bit Metal Mondays-A Constant Change of Undies

After going through my last batch of underthings, I finally beat the relentless horror of Dead Space 2. While the game isn't that psychologically scary and more a total pro at going "BOO", you just can't beat the game's atmosphere. Blinking fluorescent lights, the muttered sounds of chatting, and your inevitable doom which sounds like it has a bad case of gas. Honestly, give these necromorphs an alka seltzer something, please! Those pukers would have an easier time with their bowels if they just had some plop plop fizz fizz. Expect a review shortly, hopefully by tomorrow.

Speaking of announcements, The Mayhem Fest just laid out the final line-up for this year's summer tour. Well, actually, it was mostly revealed last week, but people fuck up and shit happens and what not. Damn leaks.  So let's take a look at this bad boy and pick apart the line-up:

Main Stage:

Disturbed and Godsmack headlining: NO NO NO NO!!!! Seriously? Why? I'm sure the Michigan redneck crowd will love this, but this is just a big letdown. Both bands are in total by-the-numbers mode with their music, and have become a total bore to sit through. I guess i should be planning to have a 3DS by then, as I can see it getting quite a bit of use that day.

Megadeth: Christ, is Dave hard up for money or something? Being UNDER the nu-metal twins? I guess Gigantour is no more at this point. Still, Megadeth will be great to see, and maybe a bit of that bitterness for playing this low on the bill will give Dave some added live fuel.

Machine Head: Good pick, even if they've been touring on the same album for the better part of this century. Maybe we'll be lucky and they'll perform their version of Hallowed be Thy Name.

In Flames: Interesting here, as their founding member left not too long ago, and they have new tunes coming, so this'll be a show to watch.

Trivium: Having these guys is always great, but now they're the main stage curtain jerkers. That means shit for play time. Maybe they should of went ahead and headlined one of the second stages again.

Extreme Stage:

Suicide Silence: Another good pick, but now I think I'm starting to see these guys a little too much.

All Shall Perish: DEAR FUCK YES!! It's been ages since I've seen ASP, so this'll finally get me caught up.

Straight Line Stitch: ust listened to these guys for the first time. I don't know about them being in the "extreme"
stage, but they're nothing too horrible. Good looking tatted lead singer chick, though.

Jager Stage:

Unearth: Never a dull moment with these guys. And since they're an the Jager stage, that means they'll be good and shitfaced when they come on.

Kingdom of Sorrow: One of the few bands I have to scratch off the "never seen before" list. Let's hope  that Kirk can make this tour, as he's been a little notorious for missing shows due to health issues.

Red Fang: Never heard of them, but I just tried bringing them up on Youtube, and the site's being  period-infested whore. So, uh yeah, they'll be there!

Now, to celebrate a decent line-up (minus those awful headliners), here's a few bleepy tunes from some of the other good bands.

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