Games Meet Metal: Full Blown Chaos's self titled: The Riff Review

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Full Blown Chaos's self titled: The Riff Review

Quitting caffeine cold turkey sucks.

In an effort to get a more cozy sleep, I'm attempting to kick the drug to the curb. There have been mixed results. Namely. how I feel when I get up in the morning. Since I no longer have that early morning kick, I've become on of the most sluggish fat bastards you've ever see. I do eventually get some energy i the midday point, but I'm at my day job then, and all that energy goes away while working.Oh, how I could use that energy surge again.

Ladies and germs, I have found that kick.

Full Blown Chaos's new self titled album is pure musical caffeine: it wakes you up, gets you started for the day, and throws a few jabs in your stomach. Just to make sure you're up, ya know? FBC's metalcore assault is sort of a mirror reflection of another Metal Blade alumni: Unearth. Where as Unearth lean more to the metal side with guitar doodlery, FBC take the more hardcore route. Their styling heavily echoes "Brutality" era Hatebrees as well as the angrier side of Earth Crisis. Speaking of anger, lead singer Ray Mazzola's vocals are some of the most brutal and outright angry that I've heard in a long time. I guess not releasing a new album since 2007 can make a guy tense.

Full Blown Chaos has the trappings of many good metalcore albums: The solid double bass drumming, the twin rhythm guitar attack, and the easily digestible song time. The longest track on the cd lasts 4:03, so no major progressive fifteen minute tracks here. But that's okay, because FBC's hardcore goodness will have you coming back for more time and time again.

Long story short: if you like your 'core heavy, angry, and in a snack size, than Full Blown Chaos is the album for you. Here's a hint for the outro: have this kicking through your speakers while you play some Super Street Fighter 4. You'll notice an immediate improvement in your shoryuken abilities.

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