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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's International Nintendo 3DS Day!

Oh, what an exciting day it was for Nintendo, as they got to show how big their handheld manhood was and released all the gooey details about the the 3DS's American launch, via a special press event in New York. All the pomp and circumstance simply boiled down to three things: the system's price, release date, and what the launch library was going to look like. All these questions got answered, along with letting a few other details slip out the we didn't know about. So now, as to not regurgitate the gazillion points other gaming sites have made, here's the best, so-so, and god awful points of the system launch. March 27 for the U.S., to be exact. Three days before my b-day! (hint, hint)


-The graphics really are a great step from the regular DS. The new Kid Icarus looks jaw-dropping awesome. Even the soccer game shown, which I would never play, had the most realistic looking players I've ever seen on a handheld.

-The system's Nintendo Store WILL be selling old school Game Boy and GBA games! One system was shown running Super Mario Land, but no mention was made if it would be available at launch.

-I'm generally not one to hark on system colors, but they are offering a BLACK DEATH METAL color! To me, that's worth a few points.


-The launch price. $249.99 isn't the worst in the world. Hell, that's what the PSP Go was priced at, and it doesn't hold a candle to the 3DS's technology. Still, shaving another 25-50 bucks off wouldn't of hurt. Plus, it looks a little weird to have a handheld cost more than the company's main home console. On the flipside, it may seem downright cheap once the PSP2 is announced.

-The "future" line-up. A lot of good looking games were shown or teased at the event. The ones that everyone really wanted, namely the 3D-enabled Ocarina of Time and Kid Icarus, weren't on the release list. Can you say "Xmas 2011?" As for the current release list....


-The launch line-up is just terrible. Nintendogs again? Really? There's not a one game in that whole set that's a real platform seller. Maybe nothing else would be ready in time, so thus the March release perhaps? It just feels like the Suoer NES release of yore, where there were only three games at launch. However, I will admit that Steel Diver does look interesting, but I'll hold off on final judgement until I can sample it. The 3DS gets a bit of third party support, but even those are underwhelming.

-I said it before, and I'll say it again: 3D is just a gimmick. All the 3DS games looked fine as they were, even of there is no way to show the 3D effects on camera. Once again, we have to get ahold of a system to see if the glasses-free 3D is even worth it. There was a brief mention of 5000 units touring the country for a couple months. If that's so, then they better pack up and go, because we're only a little over two months until the release date.

In the end, would I reserve one for release day? I'm very 50/50 about it right now. While it would be nice to have the system now before the big games start rolling out, I could use that $250 for a few other things and wait until I can get some good quality games with the system. I guess I'll just have to wait until dates for the 5000 unit tour pop up, and hope beyond hell it hits the Detroit area.

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