Games Meet Metal: Vomit, fire in the hole, and nutshots: a drama

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vomit, fire in the hole, and nutshots: a drama

How many people remember this?

That trailer of a Halo-themed diorama helped Halo 3 sell gazillions of copies. the great thing about it is that it was all hand done. Paints, plastic, hands, and not a polygon in sight. Plus, it showed real drama, which for a video game about imaginary space aliens was almost silly to do. But they did it, and it worked. It's probably one of the most memorable trailers of all time.

Well, it just got the Weird Al treatment.

It's awesome stuff like this that make me want Bulletstorm more and more. Hell, the game's pointed right at the Halo crowd, so why not tease them a little? My fave bit is the bar owner holding an unpaid tab. But who owes? The aliens? The drunken green-puke-spewing hero? YOU? We'll never know.

Thanks to Kotaku for originally posting the video.

Bulletstorm comes out next month, and it'll have a Gears of War 3 beta invite for early buyers.

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