Games Meet Metal: What's cooking on the metal side of early 2011?

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

What's cooking on the metal side of early 2011?

The new year's looking good for gaming (even if the good stuff doesn't start running out until February), but it's also looking great for the metal world (once again in February). A lot of big bands are convening in their recording studios etching out their next classics, while a few others want to get the ball rolling a lot earlier. So, without further ado, here's some of my picks for the most anticipated cd's of early 2011.

Times of Grace-Hymn of the Broken Man

You may not recognize the band name, but one of those guys in the above pic ought to be familiar. The one on the right is Killswitch Engage guitarist and producer Adam D. The other guy hiding behind the beard just happens to be Jesse Leach, KsE's original lead singer during the Alive or Just Breathing Days. So, yeah, it's a pseudo-reunion! Not only did the guys record a cd, but they're also hitting the road in February, and maybe even playing some classic KsE live to go along with the new stuff. I never was able to listen to Leach sing his old tunes live before he left KsE, but I hope this is a second chance.

Crowbar-Sever The Wicked Hand

You know, it's easy to forget every know and then that Kirk Windstein has his own band. Maybe that's just because he's spent the better part of the last decade touring and recording with Down and Kingdom of Sorrow. But now, Kirk's stretching his own feathers and has ressurected his NOLA-based sludge metal group Crowbar. If the above clip is any clue, then get ready to hear down-tuned goodness and a godly raspy voice that only years of bong smoke can deliver.

Darkest Hour-The Human Romance

While there hasn't been any sound bites released yet, Darkest Hour drummer Ryan Parrish has said to me personally that their next album, finally titled The Human Romance, will be a rebirth for the band. Sounds appropriate, as this will be DH's first cd under new label E1, far and away from the crazy shenanigans that plagued them on their former label. Maybe this will give Darkest Hour the juice to lay down some D.C. thrash like no other.


I'm actually a little apprehensive about a new Devildriver album. Their last album, Pray for Villains, just didn't live up to the triple shot their three previous cd's gave. In fact, it felt downright poppy sounding. Not something you should here coming from a band claiming to have the biggest mosh pit ever. If sales were any indication, no one else was digging the new direction either. Hopefully Dez and company make a monster of a record with Beast to bring back those record-setting pits.

Children of Bodom-Relentless Reckless Forever

COB seem to have accepted the Slayer style of cd recording: don't make too many changes to your base sound, but keep improving on what you already know. Blooddrunk was quite the melted face experience, and if the clip above is any indication, the Finns in Bodom know how to hone their core sound to get their fans partying.

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