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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Crowbar's Sever the Wicked Hand: The Riff Review

Fact: Supergroups can be educational.

When Down released their first cd, I became very interested in what other bands the musicians were a part of. Along with Pantera, I discovered quite a bit of awesome. Corrosion of Conformity became a quick fave, as did Eyehategod. However, it was Crowbar's sludgy doomy goodness that I attached to the most. The downtuned guitar riffs along with the Kirk Windstein's grazzly vocal work did for me what the Melvins couldn't. Since then, I became a hardcore Crowbar fan, listening to every release as they came out, even if said releases ended up taking some time.

Crowbar's newest release, "Sever The Wicked Hand", is the group's first album in roughly six years, thanks to Kirk's commitments to Down and his other supergroup, Kingdom of Sorrow. Yep, the man doesn't not know the meaning of taking a day off, as Kirk is always wrapped up in something. The time away from Crowbar has made the heart grow fond, and the new album is aimed at those who long for that sludgy NOLA sound.

"Sever The Wicked Hand" can be considered a bit of a catch-all for the group's history. It's not a best-of, but it can be considered a collection of best riffs. The slow doomy crawl. The speedy thrasher. The somewhere-in-between. All the past tropes of previous records have returned, but Kirk just has the amazing songwriting ability to make his riffs sound glorious for every song. "Let Me Mourn" could be considered the sludgiest of the sludgy, while opening track "Isolation (Desperation)" can satisfy those who just a wee bit of a faster pace. I'm more of a fast Crowbar fan, so "The Cemetery Angels" fits that need just fine.

"Sever The Wicked Hand" may be Crowbar's last album for awhile, as Kirk's responsibilities kick in again for Down and Kingdom of Sorrow, so savor the goodness while you can.

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  1. I only know "All I Had I Gave," but I'll have to give this a try. My favorite of the Down supergroup was CoC, never really got into EHG though.