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Friday, February 25, 2011

Devildriver's Beast-The Riff Review

Okay, I've said this before, and I'm gonna say it again. But this will be for THE LAST TIME!!

Up until Devildriver's third cd, The Last Kind Words, I was fully behind them, marching to the rhythm of their music. Then the band released Pray for Villains, and I didn't feel like marching anymore. None of the songs were catchy, and that frantic death/thrash vibe Devildriver once had just seemed to disappear. Oh, and my very sore feet. In fact, it felt like the whole band was going pop metal! Things were not good at this point.

Well, someone must have listened somewhere or looked at their album sales and told the band to quit being poppy vaginas and get back to destroying countries with their blast beats. Good on them, as that is exactly what they did. Beast is just that, a metal juggernaut beast that's aimed to bring back those who were slighted by Villains.

The cd starts out with a band with opening track "Dead To Rights" and pretty  much continues the onslaught until the last track. "Shitlist" starts with a damn near 70's guitar lick ( something that worked pretty good on closing The Last Kind Words), then goes into a straight near old school hardcore tune. You want some straight up thrash? Try "Talons Out", which has the creepiest guitar hook on the whole cd. there's also a few interesting and different things popping up here and there. Black Soul Choir is damn near hippy trippy with it's guitar loop, while Lend Myself to the Night would feel right at home on an old King Diamond album.

Long story short, Beast is everything Villains wasn't. Mainly, fun to listen to and also a good soundtrack to destroy furniture to as well. Actually, it's gonna make me see them live. If that ain't a motivator to pick up Beast, then your job obviously isn't paying you enough.

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