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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lazarus A.D.'s Black Rivers Flow: Another Disturbying CD Review

Wisconsin has taken center stage in the NFL world what with Green Bay's victory over the Steelers on Sunday. I don't follow the NFL at all but I'm told this is a bit of an upset as Green Bay was seeded 6th overall or whatever. The only reason why I bring it up is because I'm sure the boys from Lazarus A.D. are celebrating with their fellow cheese heads. I bet that they're on cloud nine these days because they've also just released their sophomore album on Metal Blade records. Lazarus A.D.'s first album was met with positive response within the metal community so all eyes were on them as they headed into the studio to record their second album. A lot of bands tend to crack under the pressure and those bands don't seem to make it much farther than two albums. LAD were aware of the pressure but took it in stride as they headed into the studio to do what they do best: create some of the best stripped down metal that's been released in the last decade.

Upon first listen, it's hard not to compare the band's sound to that of Testament, Pantera and even Machine Head (not MH's nĂ¼ metal stuff, the good tunes). Some people see this as a negative thing and I don't understand why that is. What's so bad about sounding like some of the best thrash metal bands of all time? The way I see it is that these guys took a major inspiration from the metal scene from 20 or 30 years ago and recorded music that they would like to listen to. I find that Nu Metal's biggest missteps were that the musicians were trying to be too different from the metal acts of the past. I'm a firm believer of the mantra "If it's not broken, don't fix it" and that's exactly what Lazarus A.D. is out to do.

The reason why Black Rivers Flow sounds great is because it has that familiar sound, yet it's something you've never heard before. It's just straight forward guitar, bass, drums and growls. There are some amazing riffs on this record and the solos are fast and technical. For the most part the vocals were great, but there were a few moments where the vocal styling changed and it wasn't the best decision for those particular tunes (and not Eternal Vengeance). I also like my albums long and meaty so the length of this album was a bit of a let down. Any album under an hour is a missed opportunity in my books. Having said that, these two things aren't enough to make me dislike the album. The title track is excellent as well as Casting Forward and Through Your Eyes (which has a wicked breakdown/solo half way into the song). These are some solid tunes and I really want to see what these guys can do with them when they perform live.

With Black Rivers Flow, I'd say that Lazarus A.D. have met and destroyed the challenge set forth by their peers. This sophomore album was a piece of cake and these guys will have a long and prosperous career ahead of them. Make sure to give this album a listen and check these guys out on their current tour:

02/08/2011 - Detroit, Michigan
02/09/2011 - Chicago, Illinois
02/10/2011 - Louisville, Kentucky
02/11/2011 - Kansas City, Missouri
02/12/2011 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
02/13/2011 - Houston, Texas
02/14/2011 - Austin, Texas
02/15/2011 - San Antonio, Texas
02/16/2011 - Fort Worth, Texas
02/18/2011 - Tucson, Arizona
02/19/2011 - Tempe, Arizona
02/20/2011 - Anaheim, California
02/21/2011 - Las Vegas, Nevada
02/22/2011 - Hollywood, California
02/23/2011 - San Diego, California
02/24/2011 - Orangevale, California
02/26/2011 - San Francisco, California

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  1. I should show my friend this: usually music acts skip over Houston and go to Dallas, he'll be pleased to know Houston got love from somebody.

    And good on them for being Packer fans.