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Monday, March 28, 2011

8-bit Metal Mondays: Start of a New Era

Okay, after a couple weeks of getting my affairs in order, it's time to get back to something of a normal schedule! I'm still quite bummed that the site redesign won't happen for quite awhile, but I'm confident that I can expand in other areas. That was where the video blogs were gonna start happening. The original plan was to have myself and a close buddy yap about stuff at my place, but I realized that it'll be fundamentally flawed. It's not that we're shitty personalities. It's that we can talk for hours at a time, and Youtube has a 15-minute limit. Something like that is more for a podcast, which I would also like to get going this going, free time permitting.

While that slowly goes into play, I would like to still do some videos. Namely, game reviews. I'm getting one together now, but first I have to break my shyness for getting in front of the camera. Not that I fear talking to the masses, but my voice usually ends up an octave or more higher than what it usually is. Must be the power of evil.

As for some bleepiness, there was the release of the Homefront soundtrack that was released last week. It consists of a bunch of metal guys and gals performing covers of war-themed songs. Most of them are pretty by-the-numbers, but two stood out. Here's Periphery's cover of Metallica's One and Dillinger Escape Plan teaming up with Chuck D for Fight the Power.

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