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Friday, March 4, 2011

Darkest Hour's The Human Romance: The Riff Review

Growing up. Getting wiser. Smarter. Maturing. We all do this, it's a part of life. But boooooy do bands love talking about it. We've grown. We've matured. We're a tighter. I moved out of my parent's house. i grew my two front teeth in. Yep, musicians love talking about how much they've grown up. The main problem here is when they try to describe the sound of their newest cd as "grown-up" or "mature". Then you listen to it, and it sounds almost like the crap they already did two years ago, except perhaps more radio friendly.

When I interviewed Darkest Hour drummer Ryan Parrish last year, he was using "mature" a lot to describe Darkest Hour's sound on their new cd. God damn, did I get scared. I already had feelings pf a sub par recording on a new label just to cash in. even after a preview of a song or two, where things were sounding a bit more promising, i still kept my guard. Embracing the inevitable, I held steadfast.

By this point, you should know who came out looking like on asshole.

The Human Romance is what a "mature" album should sound like: a retaining of the old but much more streamlined and a cleaner sound. What is most evident in the sound is a lot of the schizophrenic pace of earlier albums and replaced with a consistent beat through each song. Standout song "Savor the Kill" is the best example of the new sound. Not only do the guitars have a "mature' sound, but the tone of the album has also slowed down quite a bit.

That ain't to say t keeps the Swedish side of the band alive with an opening jingle that had have always down with their releases. It even has its own sequel to the opening ditty, another old Darkest Hour trainwsqxa

Darkest Hour had just gotten out of a very bad record deal, where they were treated like absolute crap. Maybe that learning experience is what sparked the new "mature" sound, but i like it. A lot.

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