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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The PAX East Schedule for GMM

While something like this list is more appropriate for a cell phone list (and it will be in the near future), writing it down is always a better way for my noggin to remember things. Plus, it gives you, the reader, a little preview what to expect when I start writing up everything from my trip to PAX East. For the record, I'm gonna be as multi-media friendly as possible, so expect a lot of activity on GMM's Facebook and Twitter accounts. I've also opened a new account on, which is a live streaming service, so expect some use out of that as well. Anyway, onto the schedule!

Thursday March 10: pick up ye olde press pass some time earlier in the day. Maybe even hit the Boston Museum of Art if there's time. But for now, just wander about, taking in the town. Then, later that night....
7PM: Rock Band Night @ Brattle Theatre, 40 Brattle St, Cambridge, Mass. A super-mega Rock Band show with the 80's animated flick Heavy Metal playing before the karaoke starts. Hopefully, this means free buffet, but we'll see.

Friday March 11: 9-10:30 AM: Xbox Live Tweet-up @ Lucky's Lounge, 355 Congress, Boston, Mass. A meet-and-greet with the people behind the community of Xbox Live. Hope to get a few questions answered here. 10:30-5pm: Finally get down to the main expo hall and just start checking everything out. Note to hit up Ubisoft's booth as they're making the first day their biggest day. 5-6PM; NCSoft VIP Party. Another chance to cut back on the food budget and try some PC games for a change. 8PM: Gamers Gone Wild @ Market, 120 Water st, Boston Mass. Another dang party, but this one is being sponsored by Epic and Activision, so I must go.

Saturday March 12: 9AM. the expo hall opens an hour early for press, so this would be a grand time to get over to Nintendo's booth and give the 3DS  a hands-on try. The new Zelda would be nice too. Other than that , that's all I have planned for Saturday. Just walk the expo floor, I guess. Maybe something else will pop up.

Sunday March 13: 2-3:00PM Penny Arcade Q&A takes place. Another chance to ask some website questions to a couple of somewhat rich guys. 3-4:00PM So I Have This Website panel. Just what it says. More info to ingest. 5:30-6:30PM Closing ceremonies. More optional than anything, but i would like to see the end of the Omeganaut tournament.

Monday: Get home and catch up on sleep!

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