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Friday, March 18, 2011

An Update On What's Going On

Well, hello folks! Sorry to keep y'all in the dark for awhile there, but things have been happening in the real world that have drawn my attention away for a bit. First off, I did attend PAX East, and it was a blast! However, I was dealt a blow to the stomach when I learned that I had been fired from my day job while I was on my trip. Yeah, let go while out of town. Real fucking ballsy. That kind of killed my steam a bit and turned the trip into a bit of a downer. Plus, the planned renovation of the site is gonna have to be postponed indefinitely until I get back on my feet again, financially wise. So, I've been using this workless week to catch  up on a ton of housecleaning, as well as filing for unemployment and filling out a new resume. Ugh, I hate doing resumes.

However, since I might not be a part of the working force for a bit, that leaves you, the reader, at the benefit of my free time! There's been a lot of stuff brewing in my mind for a while now, I just haven't had the time to implement them. But now I do!. So, stay tuned to next week when I'll be throwing to you all the lovely PAX photos i had taken, as well as a possible video blog or two with a few friends of mine!


  1. That's some crap that they fired you on vacation, but I do look forward to the vlogs.

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