Games Meet Metal: Congrats, Resident Evil! You're a teenager! You just can't kill for your country yet.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Congrats, Resident Evil! You're a teenager! You just can't kill for your country yet.

Come to think of it, you already have done a lot of killing. It's just that most of them were already dead when you gave them the double tap.

Anywho, Resident Evil is 15 years old now, and Capcom is celebrating. How? By making you buy MORE Resident Evil stuff! Never let an anniversary get by a games company, without them trying to make a buck off it. However, I am a big RE fan (part 5 not withstanding), so at least I'm game to see what is ahead for the franchise.

The boys at Capcom made a little trailer for their future RE titles,which is featured below. Then I'll chime in after the break with my two cents on all the titles.

Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D: Remember the Mercenary bonus stuff from RE 4 and 5? Well, they made it into a game all by itself. I never liked the Mercenary stuff, because I never was that good at it. You had to experimental with your attacks to get points, and I'd just rather run and gun. Still, if Capcom went ahead and made a whole game about the concept, then someone must want it.

RE: Code Veronica and RE4 in HD:  Veronica could definitely use a touch-up. It still looks pretty good, but those polygon environments are starting to look a little too old. RE4, on the other hand, still looks incredible! Putting that into HD may be a bit much.

Resident Evil Operation Racoon City: A bit of a flashback here, as you assume an Umbrella(?) soldier in the middle of the big zombie outbreak that started this whole mess. The main pull here is that you can fuck with history a bit and gun down some popular RE characters before they get their hero on. I like thinking about reimaging history, so this could be up my alley. Unless it turns into one of those old Outbreak games, then hell no!

Resident Evil Revelations: Another RE set in the past, Revelations takes place just as Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine became BSAA angents. That places it before RE5. Here, the team is investigating a cruise ship that has a mess of you-know-what running around on it. Looks like they're gonna try to combine the playstyle of RE4 with the horror elements of the earlier games. Me likey so far. Plus, since this is the one game that can be considered official new canon to the story line, that puts it at the top of my survival horror list.

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