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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hate Eternal's Phoenix Amongst the Ashes: The Riff Review

"THIS ALBUM WILL FUCK YOUR FACE OFF!!!!!"  Holy Jeebus, what a violent sentence! Yet, it is used constantly in metal reviews for albums that are so incredibly good, that the reviewer has no choice but  to sum up the awesomeness by giving a description of someone's poor face getting ripped apart by a super violent sex act. Could be a dude with a two ton member, or a chick with the world's biggest clit. Either way, the poor recipient's mug just isn't the same. Actually, it's probably been thrown into a corner by this point. You know, because the maggots crawling around need sustenance.

As non-ecumenical as the visual experience may be, at times it can be totally, totally right. Hate Eternal's Phoenix Amongst the Ashes WILL fuck your face off!

The person's member that's responsible for removal of every facial feature you've ever had is Eric Rutan. Since his days in Morbid Angel, Eric always had a great ear for great death metal. That continued with Hate Eternal. In fact, I don't think there is a bad Hate Eternal album to date. There's just the new one that you keep swearing by is their best even though their last record was also the best.

In keeping with tradition, I'm proclaiming Phoenix Among the Ashes to be Rutan and Co.'s best record to date. And yes, I had previously said that about their previous epic masterpiece, Fury & Flames. Odds are, I'll be switching again in the future, but for the time Phoenix rules the throne, and it rules it mightily. Phoenix is just chock full of so much great death metal that you have to listen to the whole thing in one sitting every time you out it on. It's that hard to pinpoint one great track from the bunch, as they're all amazing. Eric's lead and rhythm guitar guitar licks are just so dead on. Special track of note here is The Art of Redemption, which starts out with some of the fastest high-pitch soloing I've heard in a long time. Also of special note is drummer Jade Simonetto. As good as he was on Fury & Flames, he's improved ten fold for Phoenix. In fact, I think Behemoth's Inferno now has someone who can give him a run for his money.

Here's yet another bold prediction: Hate Eternal's Phoenix Amongst the Ashes is gonna top a lot of reviewer's End-of-Year lists come this December. Not only will it be a testament to the band's great songwriting skills, but it will also be a feat of wonder for the reviewers, as their faces will still have been fucked off. Now, if you excuse me, my nose and most of my left cheek are slowly slothing down my television screen, and that stuff's gotta get on ice STAT!

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