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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No 8-bit metal monday this week.... yours truly was out doing a hell of a lot of job hunting. Sitting on my ass and collecting unemployment is a great gig and all, but I gotta work! It's the blue collar blood in me.

I also wanted to give everyone an update on something. Quite a few times I had mentioned that I wanted to start doing video reviews, thus actually giving some use to my Youtube page. Well, I gave it a try this past week, and well....

I suck.

I suck so bad!

Now, I watched a lot of bad Youtube videos in my life, and I can also be critical of my own work. I can now say that the worst Youtuber is way better than my best video on any day. The main problem is that I just don't have good camera presence. Chalk that up to not having the internet growing up. If the camera wasn't pointed at me, then different story. It would also help if someone else was there for me to bounce stuff off of. Until that happens, I just feel like a stuttering buffoon yapping into my webcam. And having to edit out all that stuttering is a goddamn nightmare.

I would still like to utilize my Youtube page as much as possible. I've been posting game trailers on there recently, so I can link back to my page instead of someone elses. I would also like to start doing recorded interviews. The whole "bumping off of people" thing really crops up here. Until then, I'm returning to the typed page. Expect a review of Two Worlds II sometime tomorrow.

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