Games Meet Metal: The Riff Concert Review: BTBAM, Job for a Cowboy, and The Ocean

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Riff Concert Review: BTBAM, Job for a Cowboy, and The Ocean

Saturday, April 23rd @ the Crofoot in Pontiac, Mi.

First off, a big FUCK OFF to the hackers who infiltrated the Playstation Network and stole who knows how much personal data. Thanks to these virgins, I had to change my personal email address as well as update all my online accounts with the new email. Not to mention a new debit card. While I'm at it, Sony themselves deserve a royal teabagging as well for having the opening in their security in the first place. I'd really love to play Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat online, but I can't, can I? If anything. it'll make their E3 speech a lot more interesting.

Okay, enough downers, let's Talk about this awesome show!

The Ocean: t was the German's first tour of America and they impressed everyone in the hall. One major downside though was that they only performed three songs. Well, that's what happens when you write a ton of stuff over six minutes in length. Big highlight was their performance of Origin of Species off of Heleocentric. Still, I was looking forward to hearing Firmament, but they passed on it for tonight.

Job for a Cowboy: Like I said yesterday, JFAC had the sweet spot all night. There were kind of the break band in between two prog powerhouses. However, their break was full-on brutal death metal! Hey, you take the rests how you get them, ya know? Also like I said, it was the band's best show to date, in my opinion. maybe it was because of their preferred choice of re-hydration.

Between the Buried and Me: First time seeing these guys headline, at it was crazy! As promised, BTBAM played their entire new ep Hypersleep Dimensions cover to cover. That only took up about a half hour, and they still had close to another hour to fill! they went over their entire catalog. Form Colors to Misdirect to Alaska and even older. Best set ever from the guys, even if there was no Mordecai or White Walls.

Okay, picture dump time! The best are after the jump, but a few hundred more can be found on GMM's official Facebook page.

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