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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Last Week in Video Games

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Back again to give you a run down on the biggest news stories that surfaced in the video game world. Of course the biggest news is that Sony admitted to everyone that their network was hacked and then shut down. During the hacking, it is possible that everyone's personal information was up for grabs. However, Sony is unable to determine if anything was indeed stolen. US Congress has asked that Sony notify them why people weren't immediately notified that their network was hacked and Sony also has to say for certain if subscriber's credit card information was accessible. Sony has said that the PSN should be up some time this week and that they have taken security measures to make sure this doesn't happen again.

I don't really blame Sony for any missteps because this type of thing could happen to anyone. Hell, I'm sure Microsoft and Nintendo have to deal with potential hacks every minute, just like Sony has. This time the hackers won and that's really all there is to it. But, the PSN hacking story wasn't the only thing going on, so lets take a look to see what else you need to know.

Remember all of those new console rumours I was talking about last week? Of course you do. Well, looks like Nintendo will be releasing a new console next year but we will have to wait until E3 (or maybe just before if there's a leak) to see what this new console will be able to do. Again, the questions about what it will or will not have keep popping up. The latest one is about 3D and Nintendo has said that they don't have plans to add 3D to a game console yet because 3D TVs aren't in every home yet. Hmmm, sounds similar to what they said about 1080p images and no one complained about that.Especially not the thousands of gamers with HDTVs....

  • Free Portal 2 DLC to be released this summer.
  • Diablo III is in the developmental "home stretch"
  • Major Soul Calibur related announment to be made on May 11th!
  • Peyton Hillis is Madden NFL 12's cover boy. Wait, who?
  • A new Shining Force game is in the works. Again, JRPG fans can be heard saying "EEEEEEEEE!"

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