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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Last Week in Video Games

Happy Mother's Day! I'm not really too sure how many mothers we get on this site, but now you can't say that we here at Games Meet Metal don't care. Hope you enjoy your new Sex In the City whatchamacallit and Michael Bubble CD. Anyway, in the midst of buying stuff for our moms and doing all of our chores by ourselves, let's see what went down in video game land.

How's that PSN going for you guys? Pretty awesome, eh? As you know, the network is still down and Sony is busy working on all of the security parameters to make sure it works 100% before flipping the switch back on. It's too bad this wasn't a pay service or else we'd be getting MAD refunds! But, i you happen to live in Europe, you will be getting a free game (or two or whatever) when the PSN is restored. Nothing really has been announced for Asia or North American yet so.....stay tuned?

Over at Camp Nintendo, a price drop for the Wii and Nintendo developed video games is on the horizon. The system will be $150 starting May 15th which could be a move to counter Microsoft's recent 360 Arcade deal, or to sell inventory before their new console hits. The new, budget-priced system will also include Mario Kart Wii, but not Wii Sports or Wii Sports Resort. As for the games, these will be labeled Nintendo Selects and so far it looks like Twilight Princess, Animal Crossing, Mario Sluggers and Wii Sports to be part of the initial lineup. This will also mark the first time that Wii Sports is available separately in North America. Finally, I can replace my copy of Wii Sports that the kids have wrecked, and I get to buy Twilight Princess without destroying my bank account!

And lastly, the new Microsoft system is rumoured to be over in EA's offices so they can begin developing games for it. Not really a huge shocker when you think about it. How do you think all of those launch titles get made? Guessing?

Tid Bits:
  • Over 100 Million songs have been downloaded on Rock Band games
  • Mass Effect 3 has been delayed until 2012
  • New web domain hints at a new Wipeout game (not the crap based off of the crap TV show)
  • IGN and UGO Entertainment merge to become the web's largest video game conglomerate
  • Keep your eyes open for a Call of Duty announcement!

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