Games Meet Metal: June 2011

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Monday, June 27, 2011

8-bit Metal Mondays: Victory to the Proletariat!

Whew, what a long day. Today was gonna be a day of several posts. Not only the 8-bit usual Monday feast, but I was also gonna churn out reviews for both Infamous 2 and Duke Nukem Forever. Alas, it turned out to be a day of running around and taking care of last-minute bullshit. Plus, I have to work a double tomorrow. So, yeah, Wednesday's the day for some review action.

However, there is big news today, as the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the gaming industry over California, thus not banning the sale of violent video games to minors. While stores are still asked to not sell unless okayed by a parent, it will not be a crime and no fines will be levied. This is pretty heavy stuff, as gaming now has full 1st amendment rights, and is now classed next to TV, movies, and books in the way they are judged. Plus, since this was a Supreme Court decision and not a lower court mandate, expect this one to stick for quite awhile.

Damn, that gets me in the mood to celebrate in a bleepy mood, and there's no better way to celebrate than with cheese hair metal! Here's the bleepy version of Motley Crue's Kickstart My Heart.

Operation Rainfall: Something Needs to Change at NoA

I'll provide a little background on myself. I've been a loyal Nintendo customer for well over 20 years now. That's roughly more than 80 percent of my entire life. But now for the very first time, I'm almost entirely apathetic towards Nintendo's next system, dubbed Wii U. Embarrassing name aside, attracting the more traditional segments of the gaming population who were less than pleased with its current Wii platform has been declared a cornerstone of Nintendo's policy going into the next generation. Yet it's difficult to take them seriously in light of their refusal to bring 3 highly reviewed games (Xenoblade, Last Story, and Pandora's Tower) designed to appeal to this very demographic to our shores, despite at least 2 of them already being prepared release in Europe (thus, already in English) later this year.

Fortunately, this rather conspicuous contradiction is far from lost on Nintendo's most loyal American followers. Nintendo fans everywhere are FURIOUS, and that's putting it mildly. NoA has pulled similar stunts a multitude of times throughout the past 5 years, but fans have finally had enough. Since word broke out that Nintendo of America denied their European counterpart the opportunity to show these 3 highly anticipated games off at this past E3 because "we don't plan to sell them", a campaign entitled Operation Rainfall has emerged.

This isn't the first time a movement of this nature has erupted, as fans of the Mother series are no doubt well aware. However, things are a little different this time. Xenoblade, which was briefly shown at E3 2009 under the name Monado: Beginning of the World is still apparently in Nintendo of America's database. As a result, Amazon also has it on their site (even if it's never coming out) and gamers everywhere pre-ordered the title, eventually pushing it to the number one spot. A very impressive feat to be sure.

This leaves Nintendo in a very vulnerable position. Will they take the perceived risk of printing releasing these titles and appeasing their fanbase? That remains to be seen. However, I feel the chances of this campaign changing things for the better is still rather slim. But if Nintendo doesn't act now, then they could very well end up alienating their bread and butter audience.

It's hard to blame the fans. I know that I, for one, am really fed up with their complacency.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Full E3 Round-up!

Long story short: It was an insidious orgy of well-placed neon lights and push-up bras.

And now, the long story.

Monday, June 20, 2011

8-bit Metal Mondays: ZELDA METAL!!!!!

Well, time to hop back on a steady schedule again. Still writing up the E3 overview, as I ended up having a lot to say about, both good and bad. I also now have a job again, so now I hope to return to the old Monday-Friday writing ways, and maybe even squeeze in an occasional Saturday as well. No Sundays though, as I'll be doing my old open to close shift. Helps free up some hours during the regular week that way.

On the music side, it's free Zelda music! Well, if you bought the Ocarina of Time remake for the 3DS and then registered it with Nintendo's Mario Club, and THEN wait to get it in the mail. Turns out it was a popular item, as requests for copies crashed Nintendo's servers. Hey, as long as people are playing some good games on the 3DS for a change, then it's all peachy with me.

Now, how about some bleepy Zelda metal, eh? 

Friday, June 17, 2011

The GMM E3 2011 Photo Dump!

Wow, what a week! After experiencing my first mega case of jetlag (who knew the flu didn't need a virus?) as well as experiencing leg pains unlike anything else, AND starting a new job (which is actually the old job, but that's a different story), I can finally get down to telling the story of E3...... but first, I have over a hundred photos to share! Tomorrow, I plan to write up my thoughts. For now, see the sights after the jump!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nintendo E3 2011 Press Conference as it happens!

Starting up with an orchestrial tribute to zelda.

Miyamoto is on stage!

Hey, uncle lag! Looks like you switched to schnapps!

Miyamoto is reminiscing about Zelda and it's 25 years of existence in music.

Cool! Link's Awakening will be in the 3DS Gift Shop sometime today.

Talking about Ocarina of time remake.

Says it will have the Master Quest included.

4 Swords will be free later this year.

Skyward Sword out by the holidays.

Gold Wii remote available when Skyward Sword goes on sale.

Free soundtrack to those who register SS with Club Nintendo

A few of the head Nintendo devs pop up on stage.

All Zelda vets.

Head honcho Iwata takes the stage.

Looks like it's graphs and figures time.

New system news time!

Nope, just a tease, but a good one.

We'll hear more in just a bit.

Now we get clips of Mario Kart and Star Fox for 3DS.

Okay, it's just a nice promo clip.

Luigi's Mansion in 3D? Maybe.

Reggie's turn on stage.

5 new games to show for 3DS.

Mario Kart being displayed again.

Looks like you can hang glide with the karts now. Certainly makes the tracks more expansive.

Coming out this holiday.

Starfox 3D time.

Use the system itself to pilot the ship.

Out in September.

New Mario game time!

Official title is Super Mario 3D

Looking very Galaxy-like, but with SMB3 power-ups. The return of the Tanooki suit!

Out by the end of the year.

Kid Icarus time. Release date please.

You can have fights with other players. Sounds like a roman-themed Soul Calibur.

Use of Augmented Reality cards in game? Hmmmm......

Out later this year.

Luigi's Mansion 2!

That'll keep the fanboys happy.

More than one mansion this time around.

Another hype real.

3DS to start offering demos later this year.

Talking about Excitebike 3D, which is for free.

Now talking about Pokemon, and how it can benefit from 3DS.

New system's name is Wii U. Begin the internet meme's now.

New controller looks like a tablet. At least the touch screen rumors came true.

Interchange games between the system and the controller.

Lots of innovative stuff here, og which I'll end up using only 10% of.

One nice thing: Zelda tech demo, with the item screen on the controller. No more awkward pausing.

New system fully backwards compatible with Wii.

4 shoulder buttons? PS3 much?

Tons of stuff in the controller. Speakers, camera, gyro, probably a hamster too.

They're calling analog sticks "circle pads". Ooooooookay.

HD confirmed.

Video chat with the controller from your TV.

Miyamoto in a video.

He's boating positive 3rd party support.

Iwata says a new Smash Bros. will be made to take advantage of both the system and the controller.

No games for Wii U just yet, but there will be interactive demos on the show floor.

Now a graphics demo. Lag is fucking it up.

New Lego game, if that's your thing.

Now another video, with 3rd party producers pimping the Wii U.

Darksiders, Tekken, and Batman on the Wii U.

Damn, Assassins Creed as well.

An Aliens game? On a Nintendo console? With blood? Aww, look who grew up.

AND Ninja Gaiden 3? Holy hell!

Electronic Arts just took the stage??!!

Yapping about the HD graphics.

Connectivity...and proper use of DLC?

Reggie back on, boating about innovation from Nintendo's home and handheld consoles.

And that's the show! Damn, really impressive. Of course, we still have to wait for the new system to comeout, and that won't be until 2012.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sony's E3 2011 Press Conference as it happens!

Let's hope uncle lag goes away this time.

Looks like they're going straight to the new handheld system.

Or not. Damn promo video fooled me.

Good. Starting with the PSN outage.

Little self deprecating there. Good job.

Uncle lag's back, and he brought a fifth of Jack Daniels with him.

Uncharted 3, but just a still image. I'm about to give up here.

Video goes in and out, but what bits i can see look real nice.

Cross promo with Subway? Oooooookay.

Releases 11-1-11.

Moving on to Resistance 3. Never could get into the series.

Will support Move and 3D.

Will be released in a Sharpshooter bundle.

lag, lag, lag.......

Sounds like they're babbling about 3D again and maybe some PS3-specific 3D glasses.

Lag, and then sports. Well, at least I didn't miss much.

I'm giving up on all live feeds, and just scanning live blogs. I need a better net connection.

Kobe's on stage. Joy.

Now showing a game called Deadmund's Quest. sounds like an Assassin's Creed ripoff.

Now we're on to Infamous 2. Odd they're talking about a game that comes out tomorrow.

Pimping Infamous 2's level designer.

And moved right into new Little Big Planet 2 DLC.

Onto Starhawk, the sequel to Warhawk. tried the original, and it just never sat well with me.

Sly Cooper 4 announced. Always wanted to try the series, but I got lazy.

Out in 2012.

Dust 514, a shooter based off of EVE Online, just for PS3.

Move and NGP support. Pretty sure that's the first time the NGP has been mentioned in the show.

Bioshock Infinite, baby!

Hey, Move support. What a shock.

A Bioshock game coming to the NGP? Nice!

Saint's Row: The Third. Another series I've been lazy on. Bonus PS3 stuff, out in November.

New Star Trek game, with Move support.

Out in 2012. Just not excited for a Star Trek game, phaser peripheral or not.

SSX exclusive stuff for PS3. Sony sure does love their exclusive DLC.

Need For Speed: The Run also getting stuff. Sony must suck EA off on a regular basis.

At last, onto the NGP!

Talking about Playstation Suite, about bringing PS branded games to Android and tablets.

Going over some of the stats of the NGP. Stuff we already know.

Official. NGP's proper name is PS Vita.

Wi-fi and 3G versions available. 3G handled by AT&T. Not a lot of people liked that.

Vita will have it's own friend list program, called Near.

Showing off the next Uncharted game on Vita.

Vita has Sixaxis conrtrols, so you can lean into jumps by tilting the system.

New RPG called Ruin, to be compatible with both Vita and PS3.

New version of ModNation Racers, just for Vita.

Now a new Wipeout, with PS3 and Vita compatibility.

I'm really skeptical of all this Vita and PS3 compatibility talk. It just sounds like you're making people buy two copies of the same game.

Little Big Planet on the Vita. Not a shock.

Street Fighter X Tekken action!

Vita version official, and Cole Mcgrath will be a playable character.

Vita will be out this Christmas.

3G is $299, Wi-Fi only is $249.

3D hype real. Yay.

And that's it! Once again, lacking real shockers, but at least a few questions are out of the way.

Ubisoft E3 2011 Press Conference as it happens!

First off a little self ass-kissing for staying around for 25 years.

Now, Rayman Origins, one I've been interested in.


Missed the demo, but it'll be 4-player co-op.

New Driver game, I think. Damn lag is just horrible right now.

New game now, which I could tell you what it is.

Okay, it's Farcry 3. Nice Surprise.

Gearbox Studios on stage, talking about revisiting WWII shooters.

Looks kinda like Brothers-in-arms gone all Bad Company.

More fucking lag, and now we're into the Tin-Tin game.

Spielberg and Peter Jackson gushing about it.

More lovely lag, and now we have more Ghost Recon.

And another demo I missed. This is getting  repetitive.

Now we'll have Ghost Recon Online, and it's free to play.

Another new game called Trackmania 2. A racing game, but it's ahtd to tell quality with uncle lag hanging around.

Oh joy, Rabbits on Kinect. Joy.

It's a party game powered through Kinect, and it just makes you look like an idiot.

For more stupid looks, it"s Just Dance 3.

Now we're onto their new guitar teacher game. Hey, anything that can expose kids to Slayer, then I'm all for it.

It's called Rocksmith, and it'll be available for the holidays this year.

Yay, exercising games! Pass.

Finally, they're gonna yap about Assassin's Creed Revelations!

Fuck Ezio's looking old.

Istanbul's looking pretty sweet.

Bombs-a-plenty are being thrown, including a smoke bomb doubled with eagle vision.

Boats exploding like crazy, and Ezio being the man and running from deathtrap to deathtrap.

Available in November!

And that's it! God, what a laggy mess. At least the Creed demo came in pretty good.

EA E3 2011 Press Conference as it happens!

Show be starting, yo.

No fucking around, as we go right into Mass Effect 3.

Coming March 6,2012!

Looks like we'll get a tad bit of melee combat as well.

Shepard vs. a full fucking Reaper! Well, I'm sold.

New Need For Speed game called The Run.

Now they're gonna have foot races as well. Sounds like a GTA clone to me.

Star Wars: Old Republic time.

No release date still.

Time for the SSX revival.

Coming January 2012.

More EA Sports jargin. Yawn.

Hey, another online multiplayer service! At least they're not charging anything.

Now pimping Madden 12

Oh god no, Sims talk!

Brand new game called Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning.

Looks very God of War-like.

Onto Insomniac Games, makers of Ratchet and Clank.

New title is called Overstrike.

Looks like a squad-based shooter, with Gears of War tendencies.

Finally on to Battlefield 3.

I will say, it is one impressive graphics engine.

ANOTHER multiplayer service? Still free, but c'mon! This is getting silly.

Coming October 25th.

And another one down! I was hoping for Dante's Purgatorio, but maybe next year.

Microsoft 2011 E3 Press Conference as it happens!

!Well, I'm in L.A. now. After a predictably restless night (I hate sleeping on beds that aren't my own), I'm surprisingly lacking any jetlag. We'll see if that's the same on the way home. Anywho, it's press conference madness today, and Microsoft is leading the charge. MS looks to be the company with the fewest surprises to show us today, but I'm looking to still get shocked at least once. So, here we go!

And we begin with Modern Warfare 3 footage! I like being right.

Fighting on a ship. Very reminiscent of Metal gear Solid 2.

On a high speed raft in New York Bay. The city looks very pwned.

Release date is November 8, 2011.

Now it's the Tomb Raider reboot.

Damn, looking very Silent Hill-ey.

Some dude's brains got crushed. M-rated for sure.

Releasing fall 2012.

Oh joy, sports talk.

EA Sports getting Kinect support.

Mass Effect 3 time! Yes!

ME3 gets Kinect support too via voice support.

So, you voice your choice in the conversation wheels.

Also voice commands in combat.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier time.

Kinect support as well, with voice recog and item scanning.

Millions of gun part combinations, all built through Kinect.

Crap, lag made me miss the release date.

Xbox Live talk.

Live gets Youtube? Neat!

Live also getting it's own Bing search engine. Still no web browser.

Oh, and Kinect voice support for Bing.

UFC boss Dana White!

Xbox getting UFC shows! Nice!

Gears of War 3 time!

New single player demo set at sea.

Hey, we gets mechs now!

Oh yeah, Ice-t is there, and so is Body Count!

Crytek showing their Rome game, with full kinect support.

Halo remake confirmed!

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary out November 15 2011.

Forza 4 time.

Gee, Kinect powered. What a surprise.

Out on October 11th, 2011.\
Aw fuck, a new Fable game. Can I ignore this part?

Oh shit! Minecraft with Kinect support coming this Winter! That's a nice bombshell.

Kinect Disneyland game. Well, I did say MS would work with Disney, but more on TV. 50% right there.

Kinect Star Wars time.

Lightsaber and force powers, through the Kinect. Game actually looks good too.

Sesame Street time.

Okay, lag is getting real bad now.

Finally rejoined with Kinect Fun Labs.

and it's available now! Download to your heart's content.

Kinect Sports 2 being shown.

Now Dance Central 2. Time's running out for more surprises.

Surprise! Halo 4 next year!

And that's it! Mostly as predicted, with Minecraft and Halo 4 being the big jaw droppers. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Konami E3 Press Conference Thoughts As It Happens!

YES! The press conferences finally begin! In a very non -traditional form, Konami is presenting their wares several days before everyone else shows their big guns. Hey, something to tide us over for until Monday. As last year, I may not be able to attend, but I can sure comment as it goes. So here we go!

Okay, so it's more just a promo video and less of a conference.

Starting to chat about Snake Eater on the 3DS.

Says that the jungle environment of MGS3 provided the best possibilities for 3D environments.

You can make new camo patterns from taking in-game pictures.

Gyro sensors will  also be used.

No release date, but the trailer was impressive.

Now, they're onto Pro Evolution Soccer. Eh.

New game time with Neverdead!

Your main character is 100% immortal.

Lose a body part, and you'll get it back. May the blown off penis jokes begin.

Main character was a demon hunter, and he has a real bad day 500 years ago.

3rd person perspective.

OOO! Megadeth does a song for the game!

So dismembered limbs can be used in combat? Hmm.....

Silent Hill time!

First, a look at the new movie.

New director of the movie is a gamer. Good start.

Silent Hill 2&3 getting HD remakes! Nice!

New Silent Hill Downpour trailer. Damn, it really does look like Alan Wake.

It'll be out this winter, hopefully.

Now onto Hideo Kojima.

Kojima not at E3. Bummer.

So, they went with a whole goofy presentation.

Peace Walker coming to PS3! Consoles saves transferable. Called Trasfarring.

Metal Gear Solid 2&3 also going HD, and to include Peace Walker.

Zone of the Enders games also going HD!

MGS HD out in November!

Enders won't be out until 2012.

No MGS Rising at E3. Double bummer.

Kojima teases a new game and gaming engine, called the Fox Engine.

We finish off with a last-minute Contra tease.

And that's it! At least I know what I want to see at the Konami booth, and a lot of it surrounds the two letters HD.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Riff's Predictions for E3's Big Ass Press Conferences

The E3 press conferences are kind of like the pre-game show to any NFL game: a dissemination of each team's big plays and a preview to their game plans the next day. The main conferences (Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft) pretty much lay the main groundwork for the whole event, with all the third party publishers building around them. As it is every year, half the fun is predicting what the big guns are gonna be. While a few third parties are holding their own PR events, we're just gonna concentrate on the big 3 for now, starting with: