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Monday, June 6, 2011

Microsoft 2011 E3 Press Conference as it happens!

!Well, I'm in L.A. now. After a predictably restless night (I hate sleeping on beds that aren't my own), I'm surprisingly lacking any jetlag. We'll see if that's the same on the way home. Anywho, it's press conference madness today, and Microsoft is leading the charge. MS looks to be the company with the fewest surprises to show us today, but I'm looking to still get shocked at least once. So, here we go!

And we begin with Modern Warfare 3 footage! I like being right.

Fighting on a ship. Very reminiscent of Metal gear Solid 2.

On a high speed raft in New York Bay. The city looks very pwned.

Release date is November 8, 2011.

Now it's the Tomb Raider reboot.

Damn, looking very Silent Hill-ey.

Some dude's brains got crushed. M-rated for sure.

Releasing fall 2012.

Oh joy, sports talk.

EA Sports getting Kinect support.

Mass Effect 3 time! Yes!

ME3 gets Kinect support too via voice support.

So, you voice your choice in the conversation wheels.

Also voice commands in combat.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier time.

Kinect support as well, with voice recog and item scanning.

Millions of gun part combinations, all built through Kinect.

Crap, lag made me miss the release date.

Xbox Live talk.

Live gets Youtube? Neat!

Live also getting it's own Bing search engine. Still no web browser.

Oh, and Kinect voice support for Bing.

UFC boss Dana White!

Xbox getting UFC shows! Nice!

Gears of War 3 time!

New single player demo set at sea.

Hey, we gets mechs now!

Oh yeah, Ice-t is there, and so is Body Count!

Crytek showing their Rome game, with full kinect support.

Halo remake confirmed!

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary out November 15 2011.

Forza 4 time.

Gee, Kinect powered. What a surprise.

Out on October 11th, 2011.\
Aw fuck, a new Fable game. Can I ignore this part?

Oh shit! Minecraft with Kinect support coming this Winter! That's a nice bombshell.

Kinect Disneyland game. Well, I did say MS would work with Disney, but more on TV. 50% right there.

Kinect Star Wars time.

Lightsaber and force powers, through the Kinect. Game actually looks good too.

Sesame Street time.

Okay, lag is getting real bad now.

Finally rejoined with Kinect Fun Labs.

and it's available now! Download to your heart's content.

Kinect Sports 2 being shown.

Now Dance Central 2. Time's running out for more surprises.

Surprise! Halo 4 next year!

And that's it! Mostly as predicted, with Minecraft and Halo 4 being the big jaw droppers. 

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