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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nintendo E3 2011 Press Conference as it happens!

Starting up with an orchestrial tribute to zelda.

Miyamoto is on stage!

Hey, uncle lag! Looks like you switched to schnapps!

Miyamoto is reminiscing about Zelda and it's 25 years of existence in music.

Cool! Link's Awakening will be in the 3DS Gift Shop sometime today.

Talking about Ocarina of time remake.

Says it will have the Master Quest included.

4 Swords will be free later this year.

Skyward Sword out by the holidays.

Gold Wii remote available when Skyward Sword goes on sale.

Free soundtrack to those who register SS with Club Nintendo

A few of the head Nintendo devs pop up on stage.

All Zelda vets.

Head honcho Iwata takes the stage.

Looks like it's graphs and figures time.

New system news time!

Nope, just a tease, but a good one.

We'll hear more in just a bit.

Now we get clips of Mario Kart and Star Fox for 3DS.

Okay, it's just a nice promo clip.

Luigi's Mansion in 3D? Maybe.

Reggie's turn on stage.

5 new games to show for 3DS.

Mario Kart being displayed again.

Looks like you can hang glide with the karts now. Certainly makes the tracks more expansive.

Coming out this holiday.

Starfox 3D time.

Use the system itself to pilot the ship.

Out in September.

New Mario game time!

Official title is Super Mario 3D

Looking very Galaxy-like, but with SMB3 power-ups. The return of the Tanooki suit!

Out by the end of the year.

Kid Icarus time. Release date please.

You can have fights with other players. Sounds like a roman-themed Soul Calibur.

Use of Augmented Reality cards in game? Hmmmm......

Out later this year.

Luigi's Mansion 2!

That'll keep the fanboys happy.

More than one mansion this time around.

Another hype real.

3DS to start offering demos later this year.

Talking about Excitebike 3D, which is for free.

Now talking about Pokemon, and how it can benefit from 3DS.

New system's name is Wii U. Begin the internet meme's now.

New controller looks like a tablet. At least the touch screen rumors came true.

Interchange games between the system and the controller.

Lots of innovative stuff here, og which I'll end up using only 10% of.

One nice thing: Zelda tech demo, with the item screen on the controller. No more awkward pausing.

New system fully backwards compatible with Wii.

4 shoulder buttons? PS3 much?

Tons of stuff in the controller. Speakers, camera, gyro, probably a hamster too.

They're calling analog sticks "circle pads". Ooooooookay.

HD confirmed.

Video chat with the controller from your TV.

Miyamoto in a video.

He's boating positive 3rd party support.

Iwata says a new Smash Bros. will be made to take advantage of both the system and the controller.

No games for Wii U just yet, but there will be interactive demos on the show floor.

Now a graphics demo. Lag is fucking it up.

New Lego game, if that's your thing.

Now another video, with 3rd party producers pimping the Wii U.

Darksiders, Tekken, and Batman on the Wii U.

Damn, Assassins Creed as well.

An Aliens game? On a Nintendo console? With blood? Aww, look who grew up.

AND Ninja Gaiden 3? Holy hell!

Electronic Arts just took the stage??!!

Yapping about the HD graphics.

Connectivity...and proper use of DLC?

Reggie back on, boating about innovation from Nintendo's home and handheld consoles.

And that's the show! Damn, really impressive. Of course, we still have to wait for the new system to comeout, and that won't be until 2012.

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