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Monday, June 6, 2011

Sony's E3 2011 Press Conference as it happens!

Let's hope uncle lag goes away this time.

Looks like they're going straight to the new handheld system.

Or not. Damn promo video fooled me.

Good. Starting with the PSN outage.

Little self deprecating there. Good job.

Uncle lag's back, and he brought a fifth of Jack Daniels with him.

Uncharted 3, but just a still image. I'm about to give up here.

Video goes in and out, but what bits i can see look real nice.

Cross promo with Subway? Oooooookay.

Releases 11-1-11.

Moving on to Resistance 3. Never could get into the series.

Will support Move and 3D.

Will be released in a Sharpshooter bundle.

lag, lag, lag.......

Sounds like they're babbling about 3D again and maybe some PS3-specific 3D glasses.

Lag, and then sports. Well, at least I didn't miss much.

I'm giving up on all live feeds, and just scanning live blogs. I need a better net connection.

Kobe's on stage. Joy.

Now showing a game called Deadmund's Quest. sounds like an Assassin's Creed ripoff.

Now we're on to Infamous 2. Odd they're talking about a game that comes out tomorrow.

Pimping Infamous 2's level designer.

And moved right into new Little Big Planet 2 DLC.

Onto Starhawk, the sequel to Warhawk. tried the original, and it just never sat well with me.

Sly Cooper 4 announced. Always wanted to try the series, but I got lazy.

Out in 2012.

Dust 514, a shooter based off of EVE Online, just for PS3.

Move and NGP support. Pretty sure that's the first time the NGP has been mentioned in the show.

Bioshock Infinite, baby!

Hey, Move support. What a shock.

A Bioshock game coming to the NGP? Nice!

Saint's Row: The Third. Another series I've been lazy on. Bonus PS3 stuff, out in November.

New Star Trek game, with Move support.

Out in 2012. Just not excited for a Star Trek game, phaser peripheral or not.

SSX exclusive stuff for PS3. Sony sure does love their exclusive DLC.

Need For Speed: The Run also getting stuff. Sony must suck EA off on a regular basis.

At last, onto the NGP!

Talking about Playstation Suite, about bringing PS branded games to Android and tablets.

Going over some of the stats of the NGP. Stuff we already know.

Official. NGP's proper name is PS Vita.

Wi-fi and 3G versions available. 3G handled by AT&T. Not a lot of people liked that.

Vita will have it's own friend list program, called Near.

Showing off the next Uncharted game on Vita.

Vita has Sixaxis conrtrols, so you can lean into jumps by tilting the system.

New RPG called Ruin, to be compatible with both Vita and PS3.

New version of ModNation Racers, just for Vita.

Now a new Wipeout, with PS3 and Vita compatibility.

I'm really skeptical of all this Vita and PS3 compatibility talk. It just sounds like you're making people buy two copies of the same game.

Little Big Planet on the Vita. Not a shock.

Street Fighter X Tekken action!

Vita version official, and Cole Mcgrath will be a playable character.

Vita will be out this Christmas.

3G is $299, Wi-Fi only is $249.

3D hype real. Yay.

And that's it! Once again, lacking real shockers, but at least a few questions are out of the way.

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