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Friday, July 22, 2011

Give Props To The Kacho!

If you've spent any amount of time looking up video games on Youtube, then you've run into the millions of Let's Play videos. The premise is simple: a person or two captures their game play while offering running commentary. While the system is all well and good, I have one gargantuan problem with it: all those videos are FUCKING BORING!!! It's the same reason why I just can't listen to a director's commentary on a dvd: it just sounds like self gloating. The guys in these Let's Play videos have, for the most part, played said game into infinity. Then, to watch him play it and extol to the world is rambling commentary just makes me sleepy. Or just turn it off and play a damn game myself.

Then there's Retro Game Master, a Japan-imported show that Kotaku began airing a few weeks back. The show follows the same premise as a Let's Play video, but with a few twists. First off, the show's main game player, Shinya Arino, doesn't even know what game he's gonna play until he gets to the set. Plus these games are old school HARD!!! Like, the ridiculous kinds of hard. Remember Ninja Gaiden on the NES? Yeah, that level of hard. Finally, Shinya (or you can call him "THE KACHO" for boss) offers his commentay, but it's usually him teasing himself about how bad he's playing.

Yes, THAT is the main draw of the show. With a typical Let's Play video, you know what the outcome is gonna be. With Retro Game Master, Shinya's success is always in question, thus adding to the drama and entertainment. Can he pass the next level with no lives? Will he have to ask one of the available AD's to offer assistance? Will he rage quit? No! The Kacho does not rage quit! He keeps fighting the fight until he succeeds, or until the show has run it's length for the day. Yes, The Kacho doesn't always win, but he's never a dick about it.

To catch up on the series just click this link and get started. I suggest the Ninja Gaiden and the just-aired Clock Tower episodes.

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