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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thine Eardrums Erupting-The New Riff CD Review Format!

As things have changed in my own life greatly over the past year, so must things things change here at GMM. Reviews have always been a mainstay here, but we've all been having our personal lives affect what and when we can write. For some it's additions to the family, others it's forming and touring with bands, and for others it's an asston of moving (points to self). To help remedy this, I felt a bit of a format change was in order. While typing out a five-to-six paragraph on the epicness of Band X's new cd may be fulfilling, it is also time consuming when you also have blast through the latest video game. My 3ds copy of Zelda is feeling pretty unloved right now as a result. 

Thus, I offer this: out of all the promos I get here at GMM headquarters every week or so, I'll gank the best of the bunch and give my quickie opinions on each, in my own silly way. Quantity and quality in one place!
Enough yammering from me, let's showcase some awesome metal!

 I was really apprehensive about Jamey Jasta's first foray into solo album shenanigans. I guess he's done it before with his rap record, but nit so metalwise. I can now say I'm pleasantly surprised. Jasta gives a bit of a taste of what has inspired Jamey over the course of his career. Long story short, this isn't just a bunch of Hatebreed b-sides redone. There is a lot of hadcore and metal which is to be expected (opening path Walk That Path Alone being one hella hardcore opener), but you'll also get a couple of surprisingly slower songs. Track six "Something You Should Know" gets damn near to being a ballad. Even more surprising is that Jamey decided to stretch his singing vocals a bit more here than on Hatebreed's last album. Definitly a pick-up for the hardcore Jasta fan who's looking for a little something different from their fave hardcore frontman.

 Okay, this one is a bit old as it came out in early June, but I was at E3 at that time, so you gotta give my fat ass some slack. JFAC are really waving goodbye to their earlier grindcore inspirations and are becoming more of a down-and-dirty death metal band. This quickie 4-song ep is one hellacious piece of metal, but at lasting just barely over 15 minutes, it just leaves you wanting so much more. Please guys, get a full record out soon!

OOOOOOOOBOYOHBOYOHBOY!!!!! Detroit metal!!!! Yes, my fave band whose nuts I lick on a constant basis simply due to geographical location had released another piece of beautiful blasphemy. Ritual actually is pretty damn evil by the band's standards, once you read all the lyrics. I guess Mr. Strnad decided to get caught up on his demon worship and necromantic rituals. It's still the BDM we've all grown to know and love, but the leanings towards reveling in actual rituals gives the whole album a whole new dark aura.

Unearth's last album, The March, was quite a disappointment. The real sad part was that I always have a hard time explaining what was wrong with it. In the end, the whole album just felt flat. Good money the band realized this, because their new cd, Darkness in the Light, brings back a lot of the old Unearth sound. Things are awesome from the get-go with opening track "Watch it Burn", and it doesn't let up. I don't think it has the punch of either The Oncoming Storm or In The Eyes of Fire, but it certainly has corrected a lot of what went wrong with The March.

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