Games Meet Metal: August 2011

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

8-bit Metal Mondays: God, I'm doing this soooooo late

So, y'all have noticed that there's been a few less articles on the site lately. Well, there's three reasons:

1. The Woodward Cruise recently happened, and like I've said several times before, everyone works the cruise. NO. MATTER. WHAT. That means many a long ass day, and there's usually collateral damage that goes along with it.

2. Right when the cruise ended, one of our managers scheduled his marriage/honeymoon/Vegas bonanza the second he had the chance, and blew off for a week and a half. That means yours truly has to pull multiple open to close shifts. My second one starts tomorrow.:(

3. The old computer was sending out death rattles, including not wanting to power on. So that meant pulling the trigger and getting a new laptop. I really didn't want to until tax return season, but I had the money so what the hell. Plus, I can finally watch stuff in HD!

As such, my metal listening has been down, as I've been busy file transferring. I did hear that Behemoth and Cannibal Corpse are co-headlining a tour in Europe, which is good news. If Nergel is well enough to tour Europe, he'll be coming back to the states sometime in the near future!!!!

To celebrate the eventual U.S. tour cycle, here's some bleepy Behemoth!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

8-bit Metal Mondays: God, Lucifer, and some rebel Angels

Apart from having to work the Woodward Dream Cruise for the 4th straight year (yearly gripe: I HATE the fucking cruise!), I've been spending most of my time playing El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron.While it's turning out to be a bit shorter than I had expected, it's still been an artsy blast. The one thing I just can't get over is that Lucifer is your guide and active save point through your adventure. The game's plot takes place well before the angel's revolt in the Bible, so the future leader of Hell is on the good guy's side. In jeans and chatting with God via cellphone, no less. And what a missed opportunity there for all the cell phone companies of the world to hop on some obvious branding and advertisement. Example: " Our new Motorolas may not get through to Heaven, but their reception is Godlike!"  Money Maker guaranteed.                  

So, for our weekly endorsement of anything bleepy, how about something a little bit more holy, eh? Here's Demon Hunter's Undying.

Monday, August 15, 2011

8-bit Metal Mondays-Derp, almost forgot!

Hey, I had grocery shopping to do, okay? You do NOT interrupt a metalhead when he's buying Hot Pockets and bratwurst!

So, there's this metal fest going down in New York in November that the uber-big metal blog Metalsucks is throwing. Now this wouldn't cause me much concern, but I missed out on the Detroit festival scene this year and I'm itching for some long days of metal. It's gonna be two days long, with Municipal Waste headlining the first day, and Cynic closing things on the 2nd. No additional acts yet, but those two alone are making me itch for a plane ticket. I always miss both acts when they swing by, so why not swing by them? Hey, if the hotel price is right, then why not?

For some bleepiness, how about we do dome Municipal Waste, as Cynic is pretty damn bleepy on their own, eh? Here's Sadistic Magician.

Blast Beats and Boss Battles with Battlecross's Lead Singer Kyle "Gumpy" Gunther!

Holy frito bandido, it's been ages since we've had a proper interview on this site, but here's a new one for everybody! Gumby from Battlecross (the man with thre epic beard in the above photo) sat down for a few minutes and answered our rather silly questions just for you!

Can you give us a quick history as to how the band was formed?

Tony and Hiran have been jammin since high school, the band started taking form when mike joined in 2007. Them heads really started swinging when Don joining in 2008, and I was the last piece when I joined in 2010.

On your main website bio, it said you clarify yourselves as a blue collar thrash metal band. I take it then that everyone is still holding down their day jobs?

We all have shitty joe-jobs thats for sure! We haven't let being signed to one of the most legendary metal labels of all time go to our heads. I am not a lazy piece of shit either. I enjoy working my ass off sometimes, unlike most people that couldn't swing a hammer to save their life.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Retro Review: Metallica (The Black Album)

Metallica released their self-titled, fifth studio album to the masses on August 13th, 1991, more popularly known as The Black Album. Twenty years and 22 million copies later the songs on this album still receive regular radio play and are included in the band's tours. And like it or not, this album helped metal become a musical force to be reckoned with, instead of just a "fad" (ahem, disco). The album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and stayed there for 4 weeks. Since then, no other metal album has been able to pull off the same longevity as the Black Album. Yet despite all of its success, it is viewed by many as a giant misstep for the band. A change from balls-out thrash metal to radio friendly hard rock tunes. This is the day that "new Metallica fans" and "old Metallica fans" were born. So lets take a look back at the album to see what all the fuss was about.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Riff's Rants: The 3DS Debacle

Oh 3DS, what has befallen you? You had so much steam at the get go. A gazillion publishers making games! A Grand showing at E3 with a gala of women with huge, um, er, eyes! The effects of 3D, all at the control of a switch! Then launch day came. The lineup of games sucked, and a lot of the promised online activity had to be delayed by over six months. Downloadable games and video? The system's own Virtual Console with classic Game Boy games? Sorry, not yet, but people seemed to still want the system at that time.

Fast forward to the present day, and Nintendo's in some serious trouble.The 3Ds hasn't sold for shit since the holidays in either the U.S. or Japan, and the stockholders are mega pissed. Iwato, Nintendo's head honcho, has taken a 50% pay cut as punishment for the system's poor performance. Now,the guy ain't starving, as Japan execs usually do about $2M yearly, but if you have half your pay cut, you feel it no matter how much you're making. The 3DS is also getting a price cut, from $250 to $170 domestically. Early adopters who paid the full monty will be given 20 free downloadable games sometime later this year.

Now, a lot has gone into blaming what has kept the system down. A bad library of games, 3D is a tiring gimmick, the online features only recently popping up, or the system's original price tag. All good arguments, and all of which do have a lot of validity. However, there's one glaring factor that a lot people do miss out on: the 3DS looks just like a revamped DSi.

An Evening With Amon Amarth: Another Disturbying Concert Review

Last night I saw Amon Amarth at the Garrick Centre here in Winnipeg. This is my second concert of the year (first being A Perfect Circle) and one I've been looking forward to seeing since the announcement. For whatever reason, I've missed out on previous Amon Amarth shows, so for me this was a long time coming. Thankfully the first Amon Amarth show I see is An Evening of Amon Amarth (even if it was at the Garrick Slanty-Floor-of-Doom Centre). Unfortunately I wasn't able to grow out a suitable beard for the event despite having time to do it. Oh well, next time I will sport a beard that will put Johan Hegg's to shame. Enough talk of beard! Let us talk of metal!!

So for those that are unaware, most "Evening With" tours indicate that the headlining act will be the only act that you will see. No openers. Just Amon Amarth for 3 hours. They split the show into two sets with a break in between. The first set is their latest album, Surtur Rising played in full and the second set is a mix of crowd favourites from their previous albums. The doors to the show opened at 7pm and everyone piled in to wait for their favourite vikings to unleash a fury of metal upon them.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Thine Eardrums Erupting: Now With More Chimaira!

I've been waiting a long time for a proper sequel to Chimaira's The Impossibility of Reason, and I think it has finally arrived. Not that their previous several records haven't matched up. Their self titled was an unappreciated masterpiece, Resurrection began an awesome progressive trend, and The Infection was a full-blown metal concept album for the ages. However, I had kind of missed the youthful anger of Impossibility. Then, Chimaira were forced to replace half their line-up and SHAZAM!! Youthful anger has been restored thanks to a new injection of members and ideas. The core writing team and dual guitars of Rob Arnold, Mark Hunter, and Matt DeVries have kept the Chimaira sound, but have brought back the playfulness and experimentation of the early days that made Impossibility of Reason such a groundbreaker for the band. Personal high point is track 7, Born in Blood, as I'm pretty damn sure I just heard some guest vox from Whitechapel's Phil Bozeman.

8-bit Metal Mondays: I tend to squeal like a wounded baby marmoset

Say, does anybody out there have some get better quick plans for sleep apnea? I know it's just something I have to deal with while getting older, but this shit is getting old real quick. Getting up a bunch in the middle of the bullshit. Grumbe, grumble, grumble.

Anywho, while in one of my mid-night awakenings, I decided to give the supple sounds of the Deftones a try. Not that they put you to sleep, dear Satan no! Deftones has that Tool and A Perfect Circle effect, in that it can help you relax. Go ahead and listen to House of Flies again and try not to comment that your chair feels way more comfortable all of a sudden.

In honor of Deftones comfortable coolness, here's a bleepy version of one of my fave songs from them, Minerva.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

8-bit Metal Mondays On Wednesday!

Yeesh, what a week and a half. Mom's been in and out of the hospital this past time, and I've been playing taxi for her and staying at her place until she gets better. I swear that doctors these days are given their position just if they know the general vicinity of where the heart is, then they point at their kneecap.

This weeks bleepage is easy as all hell. Powerglove have done a video for their Batman tribute, and it is epic in so many damn ways. Hate to cut it short this week, but work awaits.