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Monday, August 15, 2011

8-bit Metal Mondays-Derp, almost forgot!

Hey, I had grocery shopping to do, okay? You do NOT interrupt a metalhead when he's buying Hot Pockets and bratwurst!

So, there's this metal fest going down in New York in November that the uber-big metal blog Metalsucks is throwing. Now this wouldn't cause me much concern, but I missed out on the Detroit festival scene this year and I'm itching for some long days of metal. It's gonna be two days long, with Municipal Waste headlining the first day, and Cynic closing things on the 2nd. No additional acts yet, but those two alone are making me itch for a plane ticket. I always miss both acts when they swing by, so why not swing by them? Hey, if the hotel price is right, then why not?

For some bleepiness, how about we do dome Municipal Waste, as Cynic is pretty damn bleepy on their own, eh? Here's Sadistic Magician.

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