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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

8-bit Metal Mondays: God, I'm doing this soooooo late

So, y'all have noticed that there's been a few less articles on the site lately. Well, there's three reasons:

1. The Woodward Cruise recently happened, and like I've said several times before, everyone works the cruise. NO. MATTER. WHAT. That means many a long ass day, and there's usually collateral damage that goes along with it.

2. Right when the cruise ended, one of our managers scheduled his marriage/honeymoon/Vegas bonanza the second he had the chance, and blew off for a week and a half. That means yours truly has to pull multiple open to close shifts. My second one starts tomorrow.:(

3. The old computer was sending out death rattles, including not wanting to power on. So that meant pulling the trigger and getting a new laptop. I really didn't want to until tax return season, but I had the money so what the hell. Plus, I can finally watch stuff in HD!

As such, my metal listening has been down, as I've been busy file transferring. I did hear that Behemoth and Cannibal Corpse are co-headlining a tour in Europe, which is good news. If Nergel is well enough to tour Europe, he'll be coming back to the states sometime in the near future!!!!

To celebrate the eventual U.S. tour cycle, here's some bleepy Behemoth!!!

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