Games Meet Metal: Blast Beats and Boss Battles with Battlecross's Lead Singer Kyle "Gumpy" Gunther!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Blast Beats and Boss Battles with Battlecross's Lead Singer Kyle "Gumpy" Gunther!

Holy frito bandido, it's been ages since we've had a proper interview on this site, but here's a new one for everybody! Gumby from Battlecross (the man with thre epic beard in the above photo) sat down for a few minutes and answered our rather silly questions just for you!

Can you give us a quick history as to how the band was formed?

Tony and Hiran have been jammin since high school, the band started taking form when mike joined in 2007. Them heads really started swinging when Don joining in 2008, and I was the last piece when I joined in 2010.

On your main website bio, it said you clarify yourselves as a blue collar thrash metal band. I take it then that everyone is still holding down their day jobs?

We all have shitty joe-jobs thats for sure! We haven't let being signed to one of the most legendary metal labels of all time go to our heads. I am not a lazy piece of shit either. I enjoy working my ass off sometimes, unlike most people that couldn't swing a hammer to save their life.

Battlecross is one of my favorite types of metal bands: one that comes from Detroit! How does living in this industrial hellhole influence your sound?

I'm from just north of Flint. Michigan use to be a place with jobs and money, now its full of hard time and crushed dreams. But on the bright side sometimes awesome bands come around and show you how to not suck. And we have been fortunate enough to take notes from The Black Dahlia Murder, not settling for just "good enough" don't cut it.

After listening to the album, it's obvious everyone has a ton of talent. Did any member get some formal training, or did everyone do a more Eddie Van Halen do-it-yourself approach?

Hiran and Tony took lessons and I watched "The Zen of Screaming" twice. But everyone is pretty much a "do it your-selfer". Don actually learned how to play for his Nintendo.

It's obvious by the music that you're influenced by older metal bands like Judas Priest. What other band have been a huge influence on Battlecross?

Yeah Tony and Hiran are some old school Metallica junkies and Don is a freak for Gwar. But Mike and I huge Black Dahlia Murder fans and i think its still weird we are on the same label.

With a name like Battlecross and an album title like Pursuit of Honor, it sounds like there's some fandom for the armed forces in the band. True or false?

No doubt, we respect anyone that stands up and put themselves in harms way. They deserve more respect that we can give them. We are more talking about the lack of honor in everyday life. No one cares about the things that really matter, everyone is more concentrated on how they can you over then give u a helping hand.

It's pretty hard for a band to stand out in the crowd in this day and age of the internet. How was Battlecross able to stick out and get the attention of Metal Blade?

I have no idea why they even gave us a second look. But through keeping in contact and our management we were able to close that one out.

As often as I've been to local Detroit metal shows, I've never seen your guy's live act. Been touring a lot lately or do you just try to avoid "that one fat guy"?

We definitely try to stay away from the fat guy. Like i said I've only been in the band for a year so it 'was' easy to look over us. haha

Our site's called Games Meet Metal, so we're always on the lookout for nerdy gamers in metal bands. So, what's the scoop? Anybody have a level 80 dark whatever in WoW? Is someone practically invincible atCall of Duty? Maybe someone hiding their pokemon fascination?

No, no level 80's. We all love to game and can hold our own on the sticks on any console.

In closing, what's next for the band? Any big national tours coming up?
Keep proving we deserve to on Metal Blade. We are waiting still, waiting like a coiled snake ready to strike!

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