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Monday, September 12, 2011

8-bit Metal Mondays: Finally, tranquility!

Hell just didn't seem to stop for me. After several weeks of crap upon crap dumped on me, I was given three days off in a row last week! Mini vacation, right? Well, my ass ended up being called in. Every. Single. Day. Let me tell ya, that'll just kill any motivation you have. But now the shit is over with for now, and I have some major catch-up work to do.

One of the things that has been holding me back is not having access to my music library. I'm a pro at setting up gaming consoles, but my skills with a new computer are generally pretty crappy. So, when I was forced to upgrade to a new laptop recently, I couldn't get the damn thing to access my external hard drive and give breath to the oodles of awesome metal that lay within. Turned out I just needed to rewire my usb hub. So, yeah, I'm an idiot.

Now that I've finally got access to my tunage, the first thing I did was listen to new stuff. For me, that was the new Trivium. Yeah, it's not new now, but I haven't listened to it, so it's new to me. Damn, that title track is a great slice of harmonious metal! I still have to give it a few more spins, but it's looking like a contender for album of the year.

So, in honor of Trivium being awesome, let's do some bleepy music from them. Here's In Waves.

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