Games Meet Metal: 8-bit Metal Mondays: So how do they move around in those suits and all those steroids?

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Monday, September 19, 2011

8-bit Metal Mondays: So how do they move around in those suits and all those steroids?

Today is a special day for me and my nerd brethren. It's the release of Gears of War 3, one of the big blockbuster games to come out before the holidays truly start. Gears is kind of an odd series fame wise, in that it sells gazillions of copies, and yet still hasn't got the same respect as the Halo or Call of Duty has gotten. Oh, it's gonna make the developers some loot, that's for sure. Just get back to me after the sales numbers come back for both Gears and the new Call of Duty, and we'll see which one made more bank.

One fact about the game that has been crammed down our collective throats is that Ice-T is voicing a character in the game. Now, I love Ice-t. He's one of the greatest rappers ever in my mind, and he had a pretty decent metal band with Body Count. Having said that, when the hell did he become such a nerd? The man used to be a pimp and a drug dealer! He rapped and screamed about being a copkiller! Now he brags about his gamerscore and the freebies he gets from game companies. Granted, getting a Lancer replica for free is pretty gangsta. You just don't expect to hear it from someone who's faced incarceration on multiple occasions. In the end, I guess you can just lay it upon the altar of having a successful life. Hey, people have done lamer things once they became financially wealthy.

Now, onto the bleepy stuff! Since there doesn't seem to be any 8-bit remixes of Body Count stuff, here's their promo song for Gears of War.

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