Games Meet Metal: Toxic Holocaust, Holy Grail, and The Krum Bums: The Riff Live Review

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Toxic Holocaust, Holy Grail, and The Krum Bums: The Riff Live Review

Wednesday, August 24th @ The Magic Stick

Funny thing old, burnt out computers. They make you think you lost a bunch of stuff. In my case, I thought I had forever lost the photos to this show. That was something I was very bummed out about, as the show was a hell of a lot of fun. Well, luck be to thee, as I have finally recovered said photos from the old comp's hard drive and are now resting comfortably in my heavy duty external drive, begging to be used. So, even though it may be a month after the show was played, we can still take a look back, so shall we?
When I first entered the place, I knew things were gonna be different. The Magic Bag is a relatively small place to begin with, but today over half of it was cornered off, with a makeshift stage positioned way of center. I don't know if there was some major remodeling  or it was the bands' wish. It did offer a more punk atmosphere to the show, as the drapes being used blocked off a ton of the lighting and gave the appearance we were playing in someone's basement.

First off were the Krum Bums, and I liked them immediately. More punk than metal, Krum Bums let their old school chaos fly everywhere on that little stage. It was the first time in a long time that I thought I was actually gonna be injured by the crowd, or by the band themselves. Hey, I guess that is the old school punk mentality, and it worked great.

Holy Grail was next. Grail looks more towards old Judas Priest than The Ramones and their stage presence shows it. Leather and bullet belts were the uniforms, several octave-high vocals were the words, and squealing guitar solos sealed the deal. These guys wear their classic metal roots on their sleeves, and the crowd loved every minute of it.

Our headliners, Toxic Holocaust, now take the stage. I've only seem them once before, and then it was only for a paltry twenty minutes. Just not enough, dammit! Now I have a nearly hour long set of punkinized thrash metal to salivate over! Kudos to the band for putting my fave song, Nuke The Cross, as the last song of the night. Bastards just kept me teasing. 

And now Ladies and others, I give you, the picture dump!

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