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Monday, October 17, 2011

Last Week In Video Games

The turkey has worn off and now it's time to recap the happenings of last week. In my own gaming news, I got a Sony Xperia Play on Friday and I've been loading it up with a ton of stuff. It comes pre-loaded with a few games, but I've only really tried out Crash Bandicoot. It plays just fine thanks to the built in controller and the graphics were given a slight facelift to remove all of those ugly pixels from the original. Really the only disappointment I have with the phone is that Sony had mentioned that there would be a lot of games available only a few months after launch, yet here we are and they still only have 7 titles which were available right from the start. So here's one gamer crossing his fingers for more releases. Castlevania Symphony of the Night anyone?
  • Looks like Street Fighter X Tekken will be out a little sooner than expected. How's March 6th, 2012 sound?
  • Resistance 3 failed to perform, selling only 180,000 copies.
  • Blizzard is auctioning off some original WoW servers for charity. In other news, Blizzard is padding it's online security to look for fake servers in WoW.
  • The iOS game Infinity Blade will been seen on 46" screens across North America. Look for them the next time you go to Dave & Buster's.
  • Rock Star planning to release GTA 3 on some iOS and Android devices in celebration of the game's 10th anniversary.
  • A new smaller Wii will be released in North America this month. Other than the size difference, this new model also loses its Gamecube backwards compatibility.

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