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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Time to re-emerge

Hi kiddies, miss me? Well, I missed you, and if I could, I'd give you all snuggles! And five bucks.

So, where's Riff been? Well, life threw me a bit if a curve ball a few weeks back when I was informed that I needed to find a new place to live. Now, this wasn't like last time, where I had something planned out. This was eventual homelessness! So, I had to take a hiatus from the site and get on the horn to potential room renters. Let me tell ya something: if you ever want to run the gamut of weirdos, call around about renting rooms. You'll never meet more potential homicidal maniacs or suicidally depressed people in your life. Or maybe that's just a Michigan thing, I don't know.

Eventually, I did find a place, but it's with family. At least the rent is cheap and I'll be living with people who are at least as equally coocoo as I am. I hope to be moved in and ready to go by next week, or the beginning of the following week at the latest. Then, GMM can get regularly updated by yours truly again.

Big ups to Sturby for keeping the site alive. Hopefully I can catch Opeth when they come around here in a couple weeks so I can view the awesome.

Until then, keeps those horns raised and those buttons jamming.


PS: Amongst all the all the hooplah, I was able to whip threw Rage for the 360. Not to give too much away, but you may want to make that a rental, not a purchase.

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