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Monday, November 7, 2011

8-bit Metal Mondays: So, there's a game coming out tomorrow...

....and it's one of the most highly anticipated games EVVVAARRR!!! Seriously, just read the ads, for they never lie! It's one of the biggest war/combat series of all time, with millions of fanboys screaming it's awesomeness, whether you want to hear it or not. An it's releasing at midnight tonight! Oh good golly geez, I can't wait! Of course I'm talking about....

The new MGS collection! High def, baby!

Huh? What's wrong? Why the forlorn look? You mad bro?

OH! You mean that OTHER game! Modern Warfare, I see! Well, screw that game! Part two was a major disappointment, and while Black Ops had a great single player mode, I knew that the money was truly sunk into multiplayer, and any hopes of additional single player content went bye bye. The same goes for that Battlefield series. Same thing, different company.

So, screw all these samey looking reality war simulators! I want my convoluted storylines, impossible-to-make mechs, and sneaky action!

Thus, to commemorate the re-release of some real gems of gaming, let's hear some not-too-bleepy metal renditions of some classic MGS tunes.

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