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Monday, December 5, 2011

Devin Townsend Project - The Bearded and The Bald Tour; Another Another Disturbying Concert Review

Devin Townsend and his cohorts snuck silently into Winnipeg last night to play the third of eleven shows on the Devin Townsend Project's "The Bearded and the Bald Tour." Now, I know that Hevy Devy isn't the most popular musician around, but I don't think I heard an official announcement anywhere for this tour. Hell, even Dev's own site doesn't have anything listed. So when my buddy told me about it a week ago I had a hard time believing that the Devin Townsend Project was actually playing here. So, I consulted the internets some more and I was able to buy tickets for it so I guess that meant it was a sure thing! Without knowing anything about the show (other than the fact that DTP was playing) my friend and I braved the Winnipeg cold and headed over to The Pyramid.

Now, our tickets say that show time is at 8pm which is pretty reasonable for a Sunday night show. I guess what the meant to say was "Doors Open at 8pm" So when my friend and I show up at 8 expecting to arrive just as the opener takes the stage, we find ourselves having to wait outside and then slowly make our way into the building going through a mandatory coat check and then having our IDs and Tickets looked at. Fuck man, what a rediculous process. Took us 30 minutes to finally be able to order a drink!

Around 9pm, the show starts with the first (of two!) openers. Grand Master started things off and they are pretty decent, though they are in desperate need of a rhtyhm guitarist. However, that didn't stop them from displaying some impressive musicianship. I was pretty impressed though I'm not entirely sold on the dude's vocals. I'd be interested to see how these guys develop their sound. Second band up was Temple Creek. Not sure if it was a the sound issues or the lack of room on stage, but I really wasn't into what these guys were bringing to the table. There were a few good solos and breakdowns here and there, but my socks weren't knocked off or anything. I think Temple Creek just needs to get a few more performances under their belt and they could be a solid act.

So now here we are, a bunch of metal heads crammed into a bar waiting for DTP to take the stage. Most metal artists would have some metal or rock playing in the background while the crowd waits for the road crew to get everything ready for the show. Not Devin Townsend. He took the oppertunity to play a pre-recorded radio show hosted by none other than Ziltoid complete with weather updates and a mix of "terrible Earth music." The first song the crowd was treated to; Barbie Girl by Aqua. Fucking genius! Lets make the metal heads listen to shitty pop music while they're waiting. For 30 minutes we were subjected to the likes of Brittany Spears, ABBA, Katie Perry and other shit songs. At least we also got to watch a slideshow of some photoshopped Devin Townsend pictures which had us all laughing our asses off.
Finally, DTP took the stage to the "Venga Bus" with Ziltoid dancing along on screen. I kinda wish I was joking, but you'd just have to see it to believe it. Still, funny as hell!

Dev was in a great mood yesterday. He was playing around with the audience and had some funny banter between songs. He opened the show off with the tried and true "Truth" and then kicked into "ZTO" and "By Your Command." If you're not headbanging along with those three songs then you're either deaf, or stunned by the amazing music you're hearing and you've lost all function. In "By Your Command" we were treated to video of Ziltoid receiving his cup of coffee as well as summoning the Planet Smasher. It was a pretty impressive show because they played along to a pre-set sampling track for nearly every song. He had a couple laptops setup in the back and then they would start the track and begin playing. In doing so the crowd got to experience a true Devin Townsend "Wall of Sound" for the whole show.

Most of the material played was off of Devy's solo recordings with a few tunes from the actual DTP albums. It was a real treat hearing "Deadhead," "Kingdom," and the Ziltoid stuff live but hearing his new material was great as well. The version of "Disruptr" they played had a familiar, Strapping Young Lad quality to it and "Stand" and "Juular" are just straight up metal tunes which had the whole crowd churning. For their "encore" they played "Colors of the World" and "The Greys" from Ziltoid. Before playing the final song, Devin hopped off the stage and walked around the room. The security guard for the show started to clear a path through the crowd, but Devy went the other way and ended up playing Hide-and-go-Seek with the guy, all while playing around on his guitar. After he sat in one of the booths and took a few photos with fans, he got back on stage and closed the night off with a great performance of "Deep Peace."

As I mentioned, this is a limited tour and he won't be performing in many cities. So, you should treat yourselves to an early Christmas present and check out this metal legend if you have the chance. The night will truly be memorable and it will have something that everyone can enjoy. Here are the rest of the dates.
Dec 07 Milwaukee, WI @ Shank Hall
Dec 08 Joliet, IL @ Mojoes
Dec 09 London, ON @ London Music Hall
Dec 10 Toronto, ON @ Opera House Concert Venue
Dec 11 St. Catharines, ON @ L3 Nightclub
Dec 13 Kingston, ON @ The Mansion
Dec 14 Montreal, QC @ Les Foufounes Electriques
Dec 15 Ottawa, ON @ Mavericks Bar

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  1. it really was a great show. i was the guy with the ziltoid hat that dev wore (twice once before in the previous DTP show) and also the puppet was mine too. i'v got the opening video recorded i could be bothered to upload it if asked.