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Monday, December 5, 2011

Okay fatass where the hell ya been for a month?

Repairs. Lots of repairs. Here, let me explain.

After I had typed up the last 8-Bit Metal Monday column, I was in the process of doing an Uncharted 3 review. After I downloaded the pictures I wanted to use for said review, I commenced with my usual writing ritual: plug in a pair of headphones to listen to ear-splitting metal while I commence to typing. Helps the old noggin think, ya see. Well, a particular feline within the household decided I had listened to enough of the devil's music and had chewed through the cables. Eh, no accounting for taste.

Quick, to the blackened Suzuki Esteem of light gas consumption so I can go pick up a cheapie replacement! Turn key, no start. Turn key again, ditto. Ruh roh. My mechanic brother takes a look and says it just needs a jump. We hook up the cables, I turn the key, and CLANG CLONK THRIP TING TANG! All of that came within the engine. Removing the engine's top cover revealed that a piece of metal that served as a guide for the timing chain and broken off. This in turn snapped the chain and seized one of the main valves. Thus, neither the car or myself were to pick up new headphones that day. Oh no, poor Riffie had to get a whole new engine.

After getting the dollar amounts, it turned out getting an engine put into the car was less expensive than a new car, but that didn't mean it was cheap. This was going to evaporate all my available cash as well as whatever I had put away for a rainy day. That's when I finally just gave up. After having to move several times this year, losing my job (but I did get it back, it just didn't help with the stress), and now having all my savings depleted, I became mentally blank. I couldn't write a damn thing. Oh I tried, but nothing came of it at all.

So, I decided to pour all my mental well being into getting the vehicle fixed, no matter what the cost. Having family help out did lower the costs, but it still took awhile, as they have day jobs too. Finally, as of this past Thursday, the damn thing lives again. As expected, other things ended up needing to be purchased (all fluids, water pump, c v valve, new rear brake pads and rotors), and I'm in the red right now with owing money for a bunch of the stuff, but at least the damn thing can get me from place to place now.

Now that I have the weight of not having to find rides to work and back (but with a dollar total still hanging over my head), I can now put my mental powers back into being a nerd on this here blog. Me thinks I'll be writing a review of the new Zelda game by Friday, as well as taking a look at a few of the latest ep's to swarm the metal world as of late.

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