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Monday, December 26, 2011

A very METAL holiday greetings from Riff!

Hey gang, how's it going? Just chiming in here real quick to say happy Hellmas to all and that hopefully Satan Claus got everyone oodles of evil heavy metal music and gory video games to go along with the evil tunes. Myself, it was a weak year, as most of the family had to foreclose on their homes (yours truly included), and thus money just wasn't around. The only real gift I received was a $225 break on my auto repairs, which I will finally have paid off by the end of this week.

It's been a tough holiday season also because my mother is still in the hospital. Looks like she may be having some minor surgery to correct some other surgery she had a few years ago. Yeah, pretty damn redundant, but she has the insurance to pay for it all, so we're not too worried. Just horrible timing. Christmas ended up being split between home, the hospital, and my older sister's place. The best thing I learned at my sister's is not only is my teenage niece a budding metalhead, but she's now a full-on gamer, with a 360 and PS3 to occupy her time. Sounds like I can still give some advice to a younger generation.

Now, it's time to look towards the new year. While a ton of personal setbacks really impacted the site, I'm hoping I can make some ground up real soon. Both Machine Head and Trivium have headlining tours coming through the area next month, and it'll be great to hit them up. Not to mention the games! Final Fantasy XIII-2, a new Silent Hill, TWO Resident Evil games, Mass Effect 3, and that's just the first quarter of the year! Not to mention the confirmed trips out to PAX East and E3.

On that note, I'll let you all get back to your altars of Lucifer or your session of Skyrim, whichever you happen to be doing at the time. Thank you and happy holidays!

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