Games Meet Metal: January 2012

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Monday, January 30, 2012

8-Bit Metal Mondays: Getting Ready For More Fantasy

Final Fantsay XIII-2 is popping up on our shores tomorrow, as I was just reminded of it via a text on my phone. Now I'm forced to remember it's predecessor. Too linear adventuring, cheap-as-hell bosses, a whacked out story line, and some ridiculous scripting pretty much killed the game for me. Damn shame too, as I was getting a kick out of the level up system and combat. Not to mention the graphics, which were some of the most eye popping of the entire series.

I've read a few reviews of part two, and my hopes are up. More adventuring. Fine-tuned level upping. Time travel! Of course, this is still a JRPG, so I still have that dread of effeminate male leads. I'll be able to see for myself when I pick it up tomorrow afternoon.

And now, the bleepiness comes, in the form of metal FF covers from games gone by.

Last Week in Video Games

Man, what a week. Been working my fingers to the bone both at home and at my job only to find myself feeling under the weather come the weekend. YAY! I was feeling so sick that I didn't even feel like listening to music or play video games which is crazy talk. This is why I am delivering our weekly video game news round up a day late but I hope you'll forgive me with all of the cool stuff I have to tell you.

Friday, January 27, 2012

The 8th Plague Tour: The Riff Concert Review

Machine Head, Suicide Silence, and Darkest Hour
Saturday, January 21st @ Royal Oak Music Theatre

Holy hot damn, another concert on the heels of the last one already! Couple quick notes to start. Poor old Riffie couldn't score a photo pass for this show, so no shitty pics for you to peruse. Epic sad face, I know. Also, you can probably see another band on the tour poster called Rise to Remain. Well, they had to bail from the tour thanks to a broken van. 

Okay, onto the show!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thine Eardrums Erupting: Drooling Fanboy Edition! (with one oddball)

Hey, something else we haven't done in ages: cd reviews! So let's get to some.

GOATWHORE!! GOATWHORE!! GOATWHORE!! If I were a Viking warrior, that would so be my war cry. But I digress.

Goatwhore's newest, to be released on Valentine's Day (because nothing says true romance like a sacrificial slaughter), is possibly their most aggressive album to date. The super fast blast beats of the opener "Collapse In Eternal Worth" ring of screeching black metal with guttural death metal vocals thanks to Mr. Falgoust. In fact, a good portion of the album has a more black metal lean than their previous release, Carving Out the Eyes of God. The fifth track, "Judgement of the Bleeding Crown", sounds like it could come straight from the early days of the Norwegian scene. Too gosh darn bad that the production is just so damn good.

Honestly, Blood for the Master is a great metal album that goes the Slayer route of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." I call early Album of the Year contender right here.

Okay, Corrosion of Conformity history time, kiddies. The band we know today as a Southern metal rock outfit with NOLA tendencies is actually just one form the band has taken over the years. They started out as an underground punk/hardcore band, with bassist Mike Dean on lead vocals. They would go through some style changes before they arrived at how they are known today. However, with Pepper Keenan busy with Down, the rest of C.O.C. have gone back to their roots and released a great self-titled album that bridges the hardcore with the band's modern style beautifully.

Opener track "Psychic Vampire" let's you know what you're in for, starting with a slow Southern bluesy drawl, then hitting you with a hardcore blast straight of the CBGB days. You can thank a lot of that beat to returning drummer Reed Muller, thus making this a full blown reunion of the Animosity era. Man, these guys must like the whole getting back together deal, because C.O.C. hasn't sounded this aggressive in a long ass time.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Rockstar Mayhem Line-Up for 2012 Has Been Released! Let's Dissect It!

The first obvious thing while looking at that poster is that there's way fewer bands on this year's tour. 9 (counting the mystery band) compared to last year's 13. Sounds like either there was some fat trimming, or there's another tour happening that stole a bunch of acts. We'll see come summer time. Now onto the acts themselves.

Slipknot and Slayer-Hey, no complaints here! These guys have toured Europe a ton of times together, so it's good to see them do a States tour. It'll also be the first Slipknot tour in the States after the death of bassist Paul Grey, so we'll see how the band holds up after such a huge loss. Also of note, this could be the return of Jeff Hanneman after his spider bite scare. I saw Slayer when they had Gary Holt as a touring replacement, and while he's no slouch at lead guitar, his tone just doesn't match to those iconic songs.

Super Secret Headliner Band-It's rumored to be Motorhead, which would make this a dream line-up. We'll see come March 5th.

Anthrax-Hey, they're actually playing in my neck of the woods! Usually, you have to go into the boonies to catch an Anthrax show, as they don't really like playing the Metro Detroit area. There'a always the possibility they would have to go to Harpo's, and Harpo's sucks. So yeah, that's pretty damn awesome! Plus, that makes half of the Big 4 line-up on one tour!

The Devil Wears Prada and Asking Alexandra-Well, you gotta go to the bathroom at some point, right?

As I Lay Dying-Glad to see these guys again, but I just don't think they can top the show they did on the Cool Tour some time back. I'd like to see them try though.

Whitechapel and High on Fire: Ah, the opening fodder, While I think it's a good spot for Whitechapel, I feel High on Fire are getting short changed yet again. Oh well, they've survived this long, so I guess they know what they're doing.

Monday, January 23, 2012

8-bit Metal Mondays: The Zombies Are Back!!

I've probably watched that Resident Evil 6 trailer about a dozen times by now, and I really like what I see. First, the game's gone dark again.I always had a problem with RE 5's daytime setting, as I felt the game got better when they got out of the sun. Second, there's gonna be ZOMBIES!! The classic kind! It looks like we'll also get some Las Plagas here and there, but it's nice to see the original strain of the T-Virus making a comeback.

So, in celebration of RE 6's imminent arrival this November, how about some metal bleepy covers of Resident Evil tunes? Here's a selection of stuff.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Return of the Riff Concert Review!!

Friday, January 13, 2012 @ The Royal Oak Music Theater

Oh boy oh boy, I'm finally hitting up shows again! It's been too damn long since my ears went partially deaf from being pounded by metal goodness, but now is the time. The Royal Oak Music Theater is on a good groove this year, with this show and Machine Head this past Saturday as well! Of course, a review of that show will be up in a few days. 

 A note on this show: I sat down with Trivium's Matt Heafy and got to talk a whole bunch of nerdy gaming stuff with the man, so look for that in the coming week. It'd be sooner, but the man talked a lot! Takes time to transcribe all those words.

Okay now, onto the bands!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Last Week In Video Games

Greetings from Winterpeg. I am taking time out of my renovations project to give you guys this recap. Truth is everyone is asleep and apparently it's tough to sleep when I keep swinging hammers around. Who knew? Oh well, that leaves more time for video games! So lets get to it, shall we?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Resident Evil 6 is a go!

It was teased earlier this week through a few viral sites, but today the megaton bomb dropped: Resident Evil 6 will be coming out this year on November 20th! This time we get to be both Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield as they tackle bioterrorist on seperate sides of the globe. Leon's in the U.S., struggling with a small town with the disease, while Leon is in China where things have gotten to a riot level. Sneak the video below:

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Down With SOPA And PIPA!!!

SOPA and PIPA are bad. Very bad. They are bills being pushed through both The House and Senate respectively, that aim to censor the internet in the name of controlling piracy. However, the legal wording is so loose and can be misconstrued that it infringes heavily on everyone's freedom of speech on the internet.

Today was supposed to be the day that discussions were to open on SOPA in the House, but thanks to internet outcry, it has been pushed back to February. Still, many of the net's major sites are hosting blackouts or are making it easier to contact your local Congress representatives in opposition to SOPA and PIPA, which will have it's own in the Senate vote next week. Wikipedia and Reddit are doing blackouts, with links to petitions and representative's phone numbers and e-mails so you can get involved. Google is also throwing their hat in the opposition ring, by making their home page their own protest. Also, very recently, Facebook's Marc Zuckerburg came out in protest of the bills via a Facebook posting.

Looks like many Americans are taking this issue to heart, as already today there heave been a couple big things  happening. First, many representatives websites have been crashing thanks to massive traffic. Also, Senator Marc Rubio, who is a co-sponsor of PIPA, just dropped his support for the bill. That's huge, and kills a lot of the legging the bill had going for it on the Senate floor.

The fight isn't over yet people. Get ahold of your local representative. The blackout page has the easiest tool for a quick search on phone numbers. Google has a petition set up as well as a graphic to help you spread the word. Together, we can all fight these bills and have them dropped completely, but we gota do it together. No trolling here, kiddies, this shit is for real.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blast Beats and Boss Battles with Alpha Omega Sin!!!!

(It's time for the return of Games Meet Metal interview column, Blast Beats and Boss Battles! However, we're gonna start doing something a little different. Not only are we gonna gossip with the nerdiest of metal band members, but we're going to start showcasing some of the more well known gamers in the community. And to find well known gamers, you go to Youtube. That's where I discovered Alpha Omega Sin, a metal brother who's also a hard core game collector and quite the opinionated fellow. You can find his channel at

1. Can you give a brief synopsis on your gaming history, and what led you to becoming a collector?

I started gaming when I was 4 on the original 8bit NES. Playing that for the first time seriously just melted my fuckin brain from how amazing it was that I made that little dude (Mario) run and jump for the first time. From that point I just kept getting game after game,and system after system. PS1 is pretty much when I became a hardcore crazed gamer though lol. As for game collecting I eventually got sick of buying back games I traded in. Started in the middle of the PS1 era and have been collecting ever since, which is why I have so much now. I go all over the place to find them, flea markets, Craigslist, ebay, local game stores, thrift stores you name it.

Monday, January 16, 2012

8-Bit Metal Mondays: TORTURE!!!

Wow, today's turning out to be awesome for a Monday! First, SOPA bit the big green weenie and got shelved permanently. Then, about an hour after, Cannibal Corpse announced they were releasing a studio album in March. Same month as my b-day! Double awesome! The new album is called Torture, and the first single is called Demented Aggression. I just listened to it, and it is pure evil in such a delightful form. You can check it out yourself at You can also peruse a bunch pf pre-order bundles and check out Europeon tour dates Corpse is gonna do with Behemoth! Note to both bands: do that same tour in the states plz k thx.

So, let's do the predictable and do up some bleepy stuff Cannibal Corpse style. Here's Hammer Smashed Face.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Last Week In Video Games

Man, what a week. After enjoying a mild winter the cold bastard finally showed up in Winnipeg making the lot of us dig out our winter gear to face the cold. There was a 30 degree drop (Celsius) literally overnight which turned everyone into a terrible driver and a world class whiner. But, with weather this cold there's only one thing you can do; STAY INSIDE AND PLAY VIDEO GAMES! (and surf the internet, watch movies and sleep...) Luckily for you, I am taking time from my newly acquired PS3 to give you an update on the latest video game news. So zip up your jackets and put on your toques for an extra cold edition of Last Week In Video Games!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Skyrim: The Riff Review

Writen by Nathan Werp, aka Riff

Guarantee: this review will have absolutely no "arrow to the knee" jokes whatsoever. Maybe a mace to the head, a sword to the junk, or a lockpick unfairly jammed up someone's unfortunate hoo haa. Knees and arrows have no place here, dammit!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Holy Crap! Good Tours Coming My Way!

In an odd reversal of fortune, a few bands are finally striking the Detroit area and are going to attempt to earn a few bucks out of us poor bastards. There's been a lot of big tours recently that have bi-passed our humble abode and went where the riches are greater. Apparently, people in Grand Rapids must have deeper pockets. However, it is nice to see some bands brave the greater Detroit suburbs with some much needed metal! So, let's take a look at what's coming up my way this month.

Not a bad lineup here. This one is hitting here this Friday the 13th, and I'm getting quite pumped for it, mainly because yours truly just scored a one-on-one interview with Trivium's lead singer, Matt Heafy! So, be expecting a transcribed deal next week. Veil of Maya is a decent band and put on a decent show last time I saw them. No idea who Kyng is. The main weak spot is In Flames, whose past few records have been kinda stinky. Let's hope they throw in a good amount of older stuff.

This one is hitting next week on the 21st. Rise to Remain just had to drop off, but that just means the rest of the bands have more time to fill in. That's great for me, as all three bands put on super shows. I've already gushed about Darkest Hour. Suicide Silence are great for being the young'uns of the bunch. Fun fact about Machine Head: they haven't done a headlining show in the Detroit area in over five years. It's all been festival appearances and direct support for Metallica, so this one's well overdue.

That's all the touring action for this month that I'll be able to attend. Next month is Gigantour, but we'll deal with that one when it comes around.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City gets new CGI Trailer, Makes Kerry King Look Even More Badass

Hey Capcom, you didn't have to sell me on a new Resident Evil game. Hell, just put "Resident Evil" in the title, and I'm generally good to go. Of course, you did hornswaggle me with part five, but I can forgive ya. Now, back to ORC, which is looking pretty special, both from a playing and story perspective. The latest trailer centers on the story, with tons of explosions and characters being introduced. Here's the trailer of note, but take note of the bald big beared guy on the not-leather-wearing side.

I mean come on! SOOOO separated at birth:

Note to Kerry King: take up a gun class or two. Your animated self already looks pretty good at it.


You'd think I was excited or something.

So, yeah, there's a new Goatwhore song making the runs around Youtube called Collapse of Eternal Worth, and it is sinfully fantastic! Here, have a little slice.

Of course, with a new song, there's also going to be a new album and tour. The album, Blood for the Master, will be out on February 14th. Yeah, Valentine's Day. Because nothing says I love you like outright blasphemy. You can get all your Goatwhore needs, like pre-orders and and tour dates, at That $70 gift set has already caught my eye. At least the dimensions on everything looks correct!

8-bit Metal Mondays-Tony Iommi Diagnosed with Lymphoma

What a bummer way to start off the week. We've just lost Ronnie James Dio to colon cancer, and now his Heaven and Hell band mate has his own disease to worry about. If there is a silver lining to all of this, it's that Lymphoma is very easy to treat, and even easier when it's caught early, as in Tony's case here. So let's all send some good vibes Mr. Iommi's way, as he's continuing rehearsing with the reunited Black Sabbath for a new album and tour later this year. Damn, what a trooper!

As a bleepy celebration of Tony's continued good health, lets do some Heaven and Hell, eh?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Last Week In Video Games

My New Year's Resolution is to contribute to this site more often than the odd concert review or whatever. So, what better way to start than to revive the "Last Week In Video Games" column. If I was super ambitious I would have started with a "Last Year In Video Games" post, but I just felt like getting my feet wet first and maybe some time this week I will take a look back at the year that was. Maybe focus on the stuff that was announced and see where we're sitting with those projects (what flopped and what succeeded). Aaaaanyway, lets take a look at what was going on last week.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Special Edition Era

Written by Nathan Werp, aka Riff

Ah, the Special Edition. Or the Limited Edition. Or the Collector's Edition. Or The Limited Collector's Easter Basket Super Bowl Extra Special Super Rare Edition!! Fuck, there just everywhere nowadays, aren't they? All forms of media have their super special sets. Video games, DVD's, and CD's have all hopped on the bandwagon to give the money-making consumer a little extra for a few (or a hell of a lot) dollars more. DVD's and CD's have been doing this for awhile. At first, it was just some easy money. Now both forms of media need the extra loot just so the physical form of the product can still somewhat sell. You can thank the proliferation of digital distribution for that. Video games, on the other hand, don't have that problem just yet. Physical copies still sell well even as the online market for gaming continues to grow. So, their special editions end up being extra coke and hooker money for the publishers. That, and they can vary wildly in quality.

So today, let's look at some of these special editions,old and new, and find out what was good and bad about them. Let's start out with one of the best special editions to be released this holiday season: SKYRIM!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

8-bit Metal Mondays: You'll Never Get Popular With That Name

GOATWHORE! GOATWHORE! GOATWHORE! A band name like that just screams top-of-the-charts platinum act, doesn't it? When I first got into the Devil-loving group from New Orleans, they were still relatively underground and hadn't truly exploded yet. The name itself made a lot of my friends, both metal and non-metal lovers alike, with mouths agape. The name may not get you signed to the big labels, but it sure does get your attention. Then you read the lyrics, and then are even more shocked. Songs for the Brady kids these aren't.

Since Goatwhore has a new album coming out this year, I'd been catching up on my Satanic song limit quota. So how about some bleepy versions of said songs? Here's Alchemy of the Black Sun Cult.