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Monday, January 30, 2012

8-Bit Metal Mondays: Getting Ready For More Fantasy

Final Fantsay XIII-2 is popping up on our shores tomorrow, as I was just reminded of it via a text on my phone. Now I'm forced to remember it's predecessor. Too linear adventuring, cheap-as-hell bosses, a whacked out story line, and some ridiculous scripting pretty much killed the game for me. Damn shame too, as I was getting a kick out of the level up system and combat. Not to mention the graphics, which were some of the most eye popping of the entire series.

I've read a few reviews of part two, and my hopes are up. More adventuring. Fine-tuned level upping. Time travel! Of course, this is still a JRPG, so I still have that dread of effeminate male leads. I'll be able to see for myself when I pick it up tomorrow afternoon.

And now, the bleepiness comes, in the form of metal FF covers from games gone by.

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