Games Meet Metal: Blast Beats and Boss Battles with Alpha Omega Sin!!!!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blast Beats and Boss Battles with Alpha Omega Sin!!!!

(It's time for the return of Games Meet Metal interview column, Blast Beats and Boss Battles! However, we're gonna start doing something a little different. Not only are we gonna gossip with the nerdiest of metal band members, but we're going to start showcasing some of the more well known gamers in the community. And to find well known gamers, you go to Youtube. That's where I discovered Alpha Omega Sin, a metal brother who's also a hard core game collector and quite the opinionated fellow. You can find his channel at

1. Can you give a brief synopsis on your gaming history, and what led you to becoming a collector?

I started gaming when I was 4 on the original 8bit NES. Playing that for the first time seriously just melted my fuckin brain from how amazing it was that I made that little dude (Mario) run and jump for the first time. From that point I just kept getting game after game,and system after system. PS1 is pretty much when I became a hardcore crazed gamer though lol. As for game collecting I eventually got sick of buying back games I traded in. Started in the middle of the PS1 era and have been collecting ever since, which is why I have so much now. I go all over the place to find them, flea markets, Craigslist, ebay, local game stores, thrift stores you name it.

 2. Another brief history, but this time indulge us on your discovery and long history with the awesome evils of heavy metal.

I was fortunate enough to grow up around metalheads lol My brother was a drummer in a band called Acheron for awhile and then eventually went on to drum for his current band Sathanas. Him and his friends would always party and blast tons of kickass music. Being that I always hung around my brother and sister when I was little I was exposed to 80's Thrash, Death Metal, Oldschool Black Metal, Hair Metal (My sister lol) I truly didn't get invested into music til the end of middle school though. Naturally over time my taste in music matured and I started more into older Thrash, Progressive Death Metal and the like.

3. What inspired you to start up your Youtube channel?

Being a big gamer I always voiced my opinions about stuff to my friends and just random gamers I would meet. Getting people to know about kick ass games, shitty ones to avoid, bringing to light terrible things that a company does, talking about just all sorts of shit. Since gaming is as big as it is, there are a number of subjects to tackle. Current gen and retro gaming, PC and Console, Handheld gaming, popular games and niche titles. I like them all and will cover them all. So really in the end I think the thing that made my channel is stupid companies and people doing stupid things, kick ass games and not so kickass games that need something said about them. Most of all the support of my fans always wanting more, making me want to ensure they have plenty of stuff to watch. They fuckin rock!

 4. You are the king of the pissed off rant! You have vids where you go over ten minutes ripping into the topic du jour of the moment. Where in the name of Satan do you get the energy to do that?

Indeed lol I dunno, I literally have been saying stuff like this since I was little, with a tad bit less swearing....just a tad. I just feel passionate about the things that I talk about and feel the need to share, also to add in random bits of humor whenever possible. I dunno where the energy comes from some Metal Norse God who likes Pokemon and Resident Evil like me :P

5. What's the number one thing that upsets you about the modern gaming market? Likewise, what makes you the happiest?

That's a toughy lol Truly there's quite a bit about the market in it's current state that brings my piss to a boil and then some. I think the one thing that sticks out the most is the prospect of making a game to make money over making a game for it to be fun and stand the test of time. That bothers me greatly since we have seen it year after year after year this gen. Hoping that we get much more variety and then some. As for What I like the most, I would say the handheld market, oddly enough. It was always never taken as serious as a platform by many gamers but nowadays they have so many exclusives on something like the DS and the PSP now with the 3DS and the Vita we can see it continue even further. The hardware has bettered exponentially by comparison to the gen before that. Now we can have solid releases that are on par with that of console releases. Would have to also include one other thing though, online gaming, The first XBOX really helped get things started but this gen they went in full swing with things. Helps bridge the gap between PC and console gaming greatly too.

6. You have quite the gaming collection growing. How many do you believe you currently own, and what are you on the hunt for?

Right now I got a little over 1400 games at the moment. Been collecting them since the mid 90's so It's been growing for a long ass time. At the moment and time I've been slowly trying to built up my handheld collection and looking for a few obscure games like Snatcher for Sega CD which is made by Metal Gear Solid mastermind Hideo Kojima, still wish that dude would show this series a bit more love.

7. Okay, time for some metal questions! What are some of your fave metal artists?

My top list....probably would be Pantera, Slayer, Death, Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse. Though I listen to tons and tons of bands all the time. Been super big into the new wave of Thrash that has been hitting lately with bands like Municipal Waste, Gama Bomb, Toxic Holocaust, Evile, Lich King, Havok etc. Just tons of great stuff coming out. Been great for my ears.

8. Your Youtube show has one of the most metal intros I've seen! Who's the band playing? Also, did you put that whole thing together yourself? I'd go nuts going through all that box art.

The song is actually from a buddy of mine Dan Johansen (A plug I know lol). The dude is a huuuuge ass gamer like myself and can absolutely tear shit up on guitar. He came to me last year with the proposal of making me an intro and I was like sure man go nuts and do whatever you like, just gave him a time frame of how long it needed to be and that was that. I did all the editing in the intro....shit took forever lol 2 days working non stop each day. Was pretty relieved when it was finished lol Glad fans dig it though, don't think it's gonna be changing anytime soon....well maybe for the comic book related videos, same song though lol

9. Metallica-is there any hope left, or is it time to pull the plug off the life support?

I know they still have a fanbase but sadly they have been a shell of themselves for well over a decade. They through their credibility to the curb during the mid 90's and have just went downhill from there. Granted I respect the shit out of them for what they did for Metal and Thrash back in the day with their first 4 albums but everything after that is just watered down by comparison.

10. What lies in the future for Alpha Omega Sin?

I'm in the works to do a metalhead channel since I've been asked to do music related videos for a long time now. My brother said he would be all for doing LP pick ups since he is an avid metal album collector, I thought about doing videos of random bands, songs, albums etc that should be checked out n what not, maybe some album reviews too. Gonna be in talks with various metalheads on youtube to see if they would like to contribute. As for my channel I wanna start doing some more reviews since I didn't get to do many this year and just keep the momentum going throughout the year.

Wanna say thanks a whole lot for the interview man, \m/ AlphaOmegaSin \m/