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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Down With SOPA And PIPA!!!

SOPA and PIPA are bad. Very bad. They are bills being pushed through both The House and Senate respectively, that aim to censor the internet in the name of controlling piracy. However, the legal wording is so loose and can be misconstrued that it infringes heavily on everyone's freedom of speech on the internet.

Today was supposed to be the day that discussions were to open on SOPA in the House, but thanks to internet outcry, it has been pushed back to February. Still, many of the net's major sites are hosting blackouts or are making it easier to contact your local Congress representatives in opposition to SOPA and PIPA, which will have it's own in the Senate vote next week. Wikipedia and Reddit are doing blackouts, with links to petitions and representative's phone numbers and e-mails so you can get involved. Google is also throwing their hat in the opposition ring, by making their home page their own protest. Also, very recently, Facebook's Marc Zuckerburg came out in protest of the bills via a Facebook posting.

Looks like many Americans are taking this issue to heart, as already today there heave been a couple big things  happening. First, many representatives websites have been crashing thanks to massive traffic. Also, Senator Marc Rubio, who is a co-sponsor of PIPA, just dropped his support for the bill. That's huge, and kills a lot of the legging the bill had going for it on the Senate floor.

The fight isn't over yet people. Get ahold of your local representative. The blackout page has the easiest tool for a quick search on phone numbers. Google has a petition set up as well as a graphic to help you spread the word. Together, we can all fight these bills and have them dropped completely, but we gota do it together. No trolling here, kiddies, this shit is for real.

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