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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Holy Crap! Good Tours Coming My Way!

In an odd reversal of fortune, a few bands are finally striking the Detroit area and are going to attempt to earn a few bucks out of us poor bastards. There's been a lot of big tours recently that have bi-passed our humble abode and went where the riches are greater. Apparently, people in Grand Rapids must have deeper pockets. However, it is nice to see some bands brave the greater Detroit suburbs with some much needed metal! So, let's take a look at what's coming up my way this month.

Not a bad lineup here. This one is hitting here this Friday the 13th, and I'm getting quite pumped for it, mainly because yours truly just scored a one-on-one interview with Trivium's lead singer, Matt Heafy! So, be expecting a transcribed deal next week. Veil of Maya is a decent band and put on a decent show last time I saw them. No idea who Kyng is. The main weak spot is In Flames, whose past few records have been kinda stinky. Let's hope they throw in a good amount of older stuff.

This one is hitting next week on the 21st. Rise to Remain just had to drop off, but that just means the rest of the bands have more time to fill in. That's great for me, as all three bands put on super shows. I've already gushed about Darkest Hour. Suicide Silence are great for being the young'uns of the bunch. Fun fact about Machine Head: they haven't done a headlining show in the Detroit area in over five years. It's all been festival appearances and direct support for Metallica, so this one's well overdue.

That's all the touring action for this month that I'll be able to attend. Next month is Gigantour, but we'll deal with that one when it comes around.

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