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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Last Week In Video Games

My New Year's Resolution is to contribute to this site more often than the odd concert review or whatever. So, what better way to start than to revive the "Last Week In Video Games" column. If I was super ambitious I would have started with a "Last Year In Video Games" post, but I just felt like getting my feet wet first and maybe some time this week I will take a look back at the year that was. Maybe focus on the stuff that was announced and see where we're sitting with those projects (what flopped and what succeeded). Aaaaanyway, lets take a look at what was going on last week.

Been a fairly quiet week, which shouldn't be a surprise since it's only the 8th of January. But here's what I've found interesting this week. Now that 2012 is upon us the big questions is what's in stock for the next gen in gaming. Nintendo has laid some of their cards on the table first by revealing Wii U last year, which will be the obvious successor to the Wii. We're still waiting to see what Sony and Microsoft are going to do and the waiting may be all over at E3 2012. Details are still pretty hard to come by, but it's been almost guaranteed that we will get to hear and see what each of these companies plan to offer. Plus, rumour has it that Microsoft might be ready for a 2012 launch and if that's the case, Sony may find itself playing catchup yet again since the 360 came out a full year before the PS3 and Wii.

It's been almost a month since the Playstation Vita has been released in Japan and sales figures are not at all impressive. Both the 3DS and the PSP are outselling it week after week which may spell out an early exit for the handheld. Or, Sony could take this as an opportunity to try and market the product better before its release in the US. This could mean cheaper/better games, a cheaper unit cost or bonus content with each unit sold. This is just me speculating of course because that seems to be the way things go in the video game world thee days. If you have something that's not selling just lower the price or give away free crap and people will start buying it like hotcakes. *coughcough3DScoughcough*

Here's a few tidbits to close out the week:
  • Kaz Hirai is suspected to reprise his role of President of Sony Computer Entertainment
  • The Shenmue social game closes after one year of service. And no one cares....
  • The guy who did the music for the God of War series says he's working on God of War IV. Sony has yet to confirm....
  • Wanna know why Sonic 4 Episode II has taken so long to be released? Re-worked physics engine - that's why.
  • And lastly - the Nintendo 3DS has sold 4 million units in the US. That's more than both the original DS and Wii did in the same time during their initial launch run. Pretty crazy, right?

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