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Monday, January 30, 2012

Last Week in Video Games

Man, what a week. Been working my fingers to the bone both at home and at my job only to find myself feeling under the weather come the weekend. YAY! I was feeling so sick that I didn't even feel like listening to music or play video games which is crazy talk. This is why I am delivering our weekly video game news round up a day late but I hope you'll forgive me with all of the cool stuff I have to tell you.

A ton of information on Microsoft's newest console was released this week which has gotten the gaming community talking. The new console will feature a graphics chip set similar to the Radeon HD 6670 making this new console roughly 6 times more powerful than the XBox 360. Another welcome addition to the new console will be the inclusion of a Blu-Ray drive. I don't know about you guys but I would consider that a win for Sony. One of the weird things surrounding this new console (other than the fact that it doesn't have a name and I have to refer to it as "the console") is that it apparently will not play used games. No one is really sure how this will be accomplished or even if it is true, but if it is true this may deter gamers from buying the new console.

Amidst all of the information for the new Microsoft console, there was also a lot of information revealed about the Wii U. I think the biggest news surrounding the Wii U is that Nintendo is planning to have the console ready for a worldwide release in time for the 2012 holiday season. They have also mentioned that what they will have on display at E3 will be their final product so we will be shown everything there is to know about the console at that time. One of the hurdles that Nintendo has to cross is releasing a solid game library in time for its launch. So far we haven't seen any games except for what was shown when the console was first revealed and a lot of those games were just tech demos.

Another reveal this week was the Nintendo Network. Basically, this is Nintendo's stab at creating a service very similar to the PSN which will offer subscribers the ability to purchase and download full games and DLC. The service will be available on the 3DS and the Wii U and will allow users to create personal accounts instead of being system-centric. Also it was revealed that the Wii U controller will come with NFC functionality which is an alternate means of connection similar to that of Blue Tooth or Wi-Fi. Nintendo has said that this will allow players to do many things with the controller like make micropayments or connect with cards and figurines for other gameplay functionality. And finally, a rumour has been floating around that Nintendo may be changing the name of the Wii U. How about going back to The Revolution?

So now that we've got all of that out of the way, lets wrap things up with a few tidbits from this week.
  • Square Enix is working on a "secret, unannounced game" Here's one gamer hoping that it's a new Einhander game.
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 5 has been confirmed. Also, the first three games in the series are coming to iOS.
  • The PS Vita will come in a bundle that includes a free game download, an 8gb memory card and free month of 250mb 3G service.
  • There will not be a BlizzCon this year. Wonder why.

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