Games Meet Metal: The Rockstar Mayhem Line-Up for 2012 Has Been Released! Let's Dissect It!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Rockstar Mayhem Line-Up for 2012 Has Been Released! Let's Dissect It!

The first obvious thing while looking at that poster is that there's way fewer bands on this year's tour. 9 (counting the mystery band) compared to last year's 13. Sounds like either there was some fat trimming, or there's another tour happening that stole a bunch of acts. We'll see come summer time. Now onto the acts themselves.

Slipknot and Slayer-Hey, no complaints here! These guys have toured Europe a ton of times together, so it's good to see them do a States tour. It'll also be the first Slipknot tour in the States after the death of bassist Paul Grey, so we'll see how the band holds up after such a huge loss. Also of note, this could be the return of Jeff Hanneman after his spider bite scare. I saw Slayer when they had Gary Holt as a touring replacement, and while he's no slouch at lead guitar, his tone just doesn't match to those iconic songs.

Super Secret Headliner Band-It's rumored to be Motorhead, which would make this a dream line-up. We'll see come March 5th.

Anthrax-Hey, they're actually playing in my neck of the woods! Usually, you have to go into the boonies to catch an Anthrax show, as they don't really like playing the Metro Detroit area. There'a always the possibility they would have to go to Harpo's, and Harpo's sucks. So yeah, that's pretty damn awesome! Plus, that makes half of the Big 4 line-up on one tour!

The Devil Wears Prada and Asking Alexandra-Well, you gotta go to the bathroom at some point, right?

As I Lay Dying-Glad to see these guys again, but I just don't think they can top the show they did on the Cool Tour some time back. I'd like to see them try though.

Whitechapel and High on Fire: Ah, the opening fodder, While I think it's a good spot for Whitechapel, I feel High on Fire are getting short changed yet again. Oh well, they've survived this long, so I guess they know what they're doing.

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  1. Jeff Hanneman actually played the Winnipeg show of the Hell on Earth tour. I wasn't able to snag tickets and I asked my buddy and he confirmed that Jeff was on stage.