Games Meet Metal: February 2012

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Last week(s) in video games

I know, I know. I missed last week's roundup. Last Monday was a holiday for us Canadians and I celebrated by joining my family on an annual ice fishing trip. Sure, I could have done the roundup on Tuesday, but what's the fun in that? Now that that is out of the way, let's not waste anymore time and get right into it, shall we? A bit of a heads up, it's mostly about the PS Vita.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

OH NOES!! Riff got an ouchie!!

Yep, I got injured. Bad. Here be the story.

So, I had to go into work at an unnervingly early hour for me last Friday, that being 7AM. As I'm getting off the expressway onto the main road, my bastard car dies on me. Fucking alternator decided to die on me in the middle of traffic. So I had to push. And push. And push. Then, I had to push some more until I got the damn thing legally parked on a side street. I haven't had that much exercise since weight training in my senior year!

Later in the day, I start getting a horrible pain in my left heel. It was honestly one of the worst pains I ever felt, like a bullet went through my Achilles tendon. Since I don't have medical insurance, I self-diagnosed that the pain was because of hyperextending the tendon as I was pushing the car. It just not gonna stop anytime soon. With no insurance, that meant I still had to work on the bad ankle, biting through the pain. Let me tell ya, I was in constant hell. All I could do was keep the foot elevated on ice at home, and play games while I lay prone.

Fast forward to today, and most of the pain has subsided. Stairs are still a challenge, but at least I can walk without looking like I took the shot bus to school. Plus now I can sit at my computer desk again all normal and start typing again. Got another day of work ahead for me, but tomorrow I get off, so I'll have a little something up to read then.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Maiden England 2012 - Summer North American tour

Is it just me or is 2012 looking to be an amazing year for concerts? We've already seen concerts with Machine Head, Suicide Silence, In Flames, Trivium, Iced Earth, and Symphony X and we've also reported upcoming shows from Anthrax, As I Lay Dying, Opeth, and Mastodon. And it's only February!! I tell you, it feels really good to be a metal fan right about now.

As you've probably already heard, Iron Maiden has announced a Summer tour in North America for 2012. They will be performing their Maiden England concert from the late 80's. Originally this tour was in support of Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, which happens to be my favourite Maiden album.

Now, I guess due to scheduling conflicts, the opening acts for this tour will change in the middle of the run. From June 21 until July 21, Alice Cooper will be the opening act which I think is perfect. Cooper's theatrics and music is very suitable for an Iron Maiden crowd and Cooper's band have some pretty good chops to keep the music geeks entertained. From July 24 the opener will be Coheed and Cambria which I think is a bit of an odd choice. Not, Kool & The Gang odd, *coughVanHalencough* but considering the age brackets involved, it might not go over very well. I mean, I really like both Coheed and Maiden and I am personally looking forward to seeing them both, but I don't think the majority of the Maiden fans share my excitement. Oh well, I know I'm going to have a damn good time.

I have included Iron Maiden's official statement plus all of the (currently announced) dates after the jump.

Monday, February 13, 2012

8-bit Metal Mondays-What's Old Is New Again

Well, last week wasn't as productive as I had hoped. Thank you, Super Bowl and a fat ass snow storm hitting the midwest. Also, I'm trying to rifle through four games before March hits. Kingdom of Amalur, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Resident Evil Revelations, and Soul Calibur V. SC and RER probably won't take me too long, but the other two are super-long RPG's, and those are gonna take a strain on my time. Now granted, these are the problems you WANT to have, but time can only be stretched so far.

Because of my business, I missed some big lineup changes. One was that original Killswitch Engage singer Jesse Leech has returned to the fold after his re[placement, Howard Jones, stepped down earlier this year Also, Trish Doan, who was a bassist for Kittie for a few years, got her old job back as well. Just remember kids: if your old employer needs a position filled fast, see what they're willing to offer. You could get a sweet gig.

Which brings us to some bleepy music, in honor of these kid's new employment. Here's Fixation on the Darkness and a live version of Brackish.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Last Week In Video Games

Walls are painted and the command center is back up and running. NICE! I tell ya, I didn't feel like I belonged in my own house during those damn renovations. But, the place looks great and now I can kick my feet up and play some games and poke around on the internets!

All eyes are on Sony in anticipation of the PS Vita launch. The sales numbers in Japan are making a lot of people wonder if the Vita is going to be a flop or not. Plus, the launch of the 3DS will be a direct comparison on what was done differently to see if the Vita will work or not. A bit of a shocker to come out of Sony's camp was that the Vita being released in North America will nto be able to play UMDs. The only was Vita owners can play their UMDs is to download the game digitally at a discounted price. Seems kinda dumb, but I've been paying for digital copies of games I own since I got the Wii. But, I don't think I'd slap down $31 on a game I already own...

Aside from that, there are a few tidbits to close out the week. It was a slow one.
  • Tim Schafer and Notch might be working on a new project. The game being tossed around is Psychonauts 2.
  • There are currently no plans for DLC for the new Twisted Metal. I'm pretty sure that will change once the game starts selling like hot cakes.
  • The PS3 and Vita version of FFX announced last September looks to be a Remaster, not a Remake. You know.... just like those HD Re-releases

Friday, February 10, 2012

Blast Beats and Boss Battles with Metal Jesus Rocks!

(Another week, another interview. This time we travel back to the land of Youtube and the hills of Seattle to speak with Metal Jesus Rocks! He's a former employee of Sierra, a collector, and he loves him some evil metal tunes!)

First blatantly obvious question: how did you get into gaming in the first place? Like wise, when did you decide to become a collector?

My first console was the Atari 2600, but it wasn't until I saw the beige Commodore 64 and its amazing games that I really got hooked on collecting.  Going from simple games on the Atari to complex RPG masterpieces like Pools of Radiance and The Bard's Tale on the C64 was a real leap forward in the early 80's.

Fast forward to about 5 years ago, and it was when I saw people selling their consoles on Craigslist for cheap that I decided to get serious and really grow my video game collection. I started adding a bunch of stuff I never owned in the past, like the Gamecube, N64, Saturn, Genesis, etc.. I was always a PC gamer since I worked at PC game developer Sierra On-Line during the 90s. So, all these mid-90 and early 2000 console games are new to me! Currently I have about 2,000 video games stashed away in my Man Cave / Game Room.

Second blatantly obvious question: how did you come to love all things metal?

My cousin gave me a KISS album (yes, a 12" vinyl record) back in junior high school (mid-1980s)…and I was hooked. I know KISS is not really "metal" …But still, the band KISS kick-started my passion for heavy guitars, long hair and all that things LOUD!  Later, I discovered bands like Pantera, Dream Theater, Slayer, Black Sabbath, Opeth & Testament and that just solidified my love of all things GRRRRRR!

Iced Earth w/ Symphony X & Warbringer: Another Disturbyng Concert Review

So what do Winnipeggers do when it's -40 outside? We go to a goddamn metal show, that's what. Last night was the Winnipeg stop for the Iced Earth/Symphony X North American tour, a date that the local metal heads have had circled on their calendars for months. These two legendary metal bands have never played The 'Peg before and we were all ready to show them what they've been missing. Onto the metals!

Monday, February 6, 2012

8-bit Metal Mondays-Return to Survival Horror

Tomorrow is another grand game pick-up day. Not only will I be getting the awesome Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning (at least the demo was awesome), but I'll also be picking up Resident Evil: Revelations as well. RE: R is the first  Resident Evil title that I ever bought for a handheld system, since the few other handheld titles were either crappy remakes or just plain crap. Resident Evil Mercenaries, I'm looking at you! I already flipped through RE: R's demo, and I can't wait for the return of survival horror, old school style.

So, how about some bleepy infused Resident Evil inspired metal tracks form Youtube, eh?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Last Week In Video Games

I'm writing this on Saturday because my command center will be offline for a couple days. I have a laptop but I can't stand the thing. So, in anticipation for being without a computer for who knows how long, I am going to give you my round-up a day early. Sure, I could set this post to be released tomorrow but that would mean I would have to write a different intro, and look at how far we've come! There's no turning back now, so let's take a look at the last 6 days in video games!

The Heritage Tour - Opeth, Mastodon and Ghost take to the stage this spring

Um, holy shit! That's pretty much all I have to say right now. Alright, alright. I'll try to figure something else out. Uh, sweet! In all seriousness this is a pretty serious announcement and I am really looking forward to the show. Opeth and Mastadon are co-headliners on this tour and they will be sharing the closing duties for each date. On Opeth's last tour (and album) they wanted to switch up their musical direction and even though I enjoyed it, I was really hoping for a balls out metal feast. Mikael Ã…kerfeldt hinted that they might be cooking up that feast for this tour and that makes me a happy panda. As for Mastodon, I've really enjoyed they progression that their music is taking. What started out as pure aggression has turned into some pretty impressive music that spans over multiple genres. I haven't had a chance to see them live yet so this will be as good a time as any. The dates for the show as well as statements from the bands are after the break.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Blast Beats and Boss Battles with Trivium's Matt Heafy!

(Well, how about this? Interviewing Matt Heafy was one of my big goals back when I first started GMM, and I finally accomplished it! Read on as we discuss what's currently going on, Heafy's kinda low royalties, and of course, GAMING!!!)

This is one sweet tour you guys are on. How were you able to land such a good tour?

This is our sixth or seventh tour with In Flames and we've become really good friends with them.  So we thought, "Why not tour with friends?" We just came of a Europeon and U.K. tour with them. They headlined Europe and we headlined the U.K.. We saw anywhere from three to eight thousand people a night, and we feel the U.S. is gonna be awesome as well. We'll also be potentially be playing South America at the end of the year.

I'm really thankful for touring with In Flames as they're one of my favorite bands of all time. Luckily, we befriended them, so we just keep touring with them.

 How's the crowd reaction been to the In Waves songs?

Really great! Even before we put the record out, when we released the In Waves song, people knew the lyrics instantly. We've been playing two new songs each night on this tour that we haven't played on any other tour yet.